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    Buying a house - Advice please :)

    Yeah I agree with Steaky, You don't need a SIN. You can get TTN from the CRA though. It replaces the SIN until you get PR.
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    Well furnished 2 bedroom Condo available in Toronto (GTA)

    I can't find this property on this site. Can you please review the site and property and post a valid link?
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    Looking for accommodation in Vancouver

    just contact a good broker or an agent in your area, I think he will be better helpful for you than us , if you cannot afford his fees then you can do it by yourself.
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    housing in toranto

    Toronto is a good place, I love it but sad to say I can't help you because I am an Australian. I heard too much about it, hope you will enjoy there.
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    Buying a property in Canada

    Yeah I agree with Steaky, you should must talk to your bank, it is possible that the information you provided would be revealed to third parties.
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    Buying a property

    The answer is yes. WP holders can buy property in Canada and the banks provide them the same privilege. Don't worry about it. Otherhand you can consult with a bank.
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    Buying property in the nominated province, working elsewhere

    Sorry, I have no comments because I don't know any thing about it. But you can consult with a good agent or Property management company. I hope they will charge nothing for counselling.
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    Rental property in Calgary and cheap and best location in calgary

    According to my knowledge, In the southwest, Bankview, Killarney are recommended neighborhoods. In Calgary, the Southwest is seen as the nicest place to live, so naturally this area has higher rent and home prices.
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Arhsub. I am new to this forum and just want to say thanks to the Admin for accepting me here. I hope to spend a good time with all of you. Thank you.