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  1. Qwertypod

    Worked under the table before received PR

    What was her status in Canada? Did she declare this income in her taxes? Kind of hard to play the victim if she was knowingly working illegally..
  2. Qwertypod

    University of Windsor refund

    Your best bet is checking with the university directly..
  3. Qwertypod

    Moving with pets and need family member to travel with me

    It would not count as essential. The airline is correct, you can only travel with one pet per person. I would be looking into making other plans - can you leave your cats with your sister for now?
  4. Qwertypod

    Help from MP

    Some people just have extra time on their hands, I guess!
  5. Qwertypod

    Can you apply for two things, and citizenship certificate questions

    You can only apply once you get the certificate. AOR will take close to 3-4 months now.
  6. Qwertypod

    During covid-19 where can I get marriage licence?

    Have you checked if they are open?
  7. Qwertypod

    COPR received before 18th march - How do I book flights to travel from Delhi to Canada

    I'm seeing lots of options for that route for mid July.
  8. Qwertypod

    Do I have chance to get study visa approve? My study permit refused 2018

    Your wife and child do not give you any special privileges to immigrate. You should post previous refusal reasons. Would also need more information about what you want to study, what your background is, etc.
  9. Qwertypod

    Options to migrate my Indian citizen sister

    Do you have any other family in Canada? Are you married? Are your parents alive? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, she will have to qualify to immigrate on her own.
  10. Qwertypod

    Is it fake or real?

    This one is definitely fake, do not give them money. Why anyone would see this as a genuine normal job offer is beyond me. Immigration website is, but it has nothing to do with job offers. Do not give these people money or documents. They are fraudsters and prey on people like...
  11. Qwertypod

    Sponsoring Conjugal Partner from States to Quebec

    It's not about the extra hassle, it's about you guys no qualifying for it at all - your application will get rejected and it would've been a wasted effort. I still believe that you guys getting married would create a faster timeline as I'm not sure that anyone who is outside of the country and...
  12. Qwertypod

    Sponsoring Conjugal Partner from States to Quebec

    You should look into Canada immigration's definition of conjugal, I don't think it applies to your situation (ie you would not qualify as conjugal partners). Getting married is the easiest/fastest way for spousal sponsorship, and probably the most realistic right now. If you are not yet...
  13. Qwertypod

    Sponsoring Conjugal Partner from States to Quebec

    You cannot sponsor your fiance unless married or in a common-law relationship. It would be easier to be married before submitting sponsorship as common-law requires you to have solid proofs of having cohabitated for 12 months minimum before submitting your application.
  14. Qwertypod

    Salary expectations when moving from US to Canada on same Job

    I think this is something better answered by your employer, since it sounds like you are simply transferring within the company? Keep in mind that cost of living is also higher and the Canadian dollar is valued less.
  15. Qwertypod

    I am skilled worker and i need ajob

    There are no jobs or employers on this forum. Would recommend you look into Canada's immigration programs and job board.
  16. Qwertypod

    Common law proofs.

    Make sure your proofs span the minimum 12 months required.
  17. Qwertypod

    CERB fraudsters could face fines/jail time

    Figured this might be relevant here: The CRA has also opened a 'snitch line'.
  18. Qwertypod

    I applied for my wife’s sponsorship

    Due to covid, all applications will take either 12 or more months to complete fully. Everything is backlogged.
  19. Qwertypod

    I applied for my wife’s sponsorship

    Try not to post the same thing over and over again - someone will get to your post. Everything is currently taking longer due to a global pandemic, you should expect a response within the next month looking at current averages for AOR.