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    Medical results received....interpretations, please?

    Congratulations, it look like you are as good as there.
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    Which Province IS Best/Easiest

    Is there one Province that is easier to get into due to more choices? This may be a dumb post but I am just getting going here so please accept my apology if it is.
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    How to Get Ratings of Companies That I Might Want To Work At?

    How does a person find out how legitimate a company is in Canada? For example, in the US we would look at the Better Business Bureau and see the information about a company to make sure they had no complaints agains them. Is there something like that in Canada?
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    Website listing PR obligations

    What site would that be. I want to make sure I do things right the first time.
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    Any advice for person coming in?

    If you had to tell a person moving to Canada five tips, what would they be? I am by no means there but want to be prepared.
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    Website for IT workers in Canada

    I am an IT worker and debating a move to Canada. Is thre a website anyone would recommend to research about jobs up there. I am only in the beginning stages as I know this takes awhile but have plenty of patience. Thanks.
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    Canadian temporary visitor visa!

    It seems that there ar always those that have to abuse the law and then other have to pay. I hope those of you that are trying to get your spouses into Canada succeed but remember that everything good is worth waiting for. Easy words to say but hard to believe when you have been waiting and...
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    Kids need Visa

    They are probably trying to get ahold of the father. Have you spoken with him about this? Maybe he could hurry it along.
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    Truck Driver

    My friend came in off the truck and this information helped him out. Thanks for your help.
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    Intrested in living in Canada

    Start here......
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    Just starting out - pls help

    It seems there are many Canadians marrying US citizens and moving to Canada. Good luck.
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    Best place to live in Canada?

    This site helped me find out alot about the Canadian real estate market. Thanks for posting the link.
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    Possible move to Vancouver, BC.

    I don't want to discourage you but what you do on vacation and in your real daily life are two worlds apart. However, Vancouver is a beautiful city and I am sure you will meet many friends there.
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    prenutial agreement

    First step would be an international lawyer who can give your expert advice. No matter what it costs, it would be worth it.
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    Doubt about child birth after receivng immigration visa

    This was very clearly laid out as all your posts are Libra. Thanks for helping us all understand some of these seemingly hard cases.
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    Seeking the truth about working in canada

    It is sad to think that being an illegal is what has to happen since people cannot go through the legal system. I would also not want to say that Canada is better than the US but agree they both hae ups and downs. Choose what YOU want.
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    i want to canada after b.pharm for job.

    I believe the first step is to find out what college you want to go to and then start the process of getting a visa. The college will help you.
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    If someone stay (one month) or even one day out of 5 years will it be counted?

    I think if I was going to emigrate, I would be staying there.
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    Child tax benefit outside of Canada?

    That is certainly good information to know.
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    Getting PR Card While in US

    It's good to know that it isn't that hard.