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    Sending Passports to Canada and getting return address printed from USA

    Hello, I am from India currently living in the US. I got a Request letter to send in the passport along with photos and return shipping labels, invoices and return envelop. I am very confused about creating a shipping label with the invoice to return envelop. I found out that I need to...
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    Police Clearacne Certificate ... corruption

    Hi, what are chances of acceptance without PCC, I have all my documents ready and also score enough to apply 6 months ago but my PCC is taking forever( applied in June)? I always get to hear things like DP holiday, Diwali Holiday .... ( Ranchi Passport Office | Bokaro Police ) I do not have...
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    India PCC from SFO

    It has already been 8 weeks.
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    India PCC from SFO

    Please help me someone, I applied for my PCC in August 5th. Around August 30th I was told that they need clearance from my passport office in Ranchi and it will be delayed. Today is Oct 25th and I still have not heard back from them. My deadline to submit my application was extended and I am...