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    Will Immigration Search Your Baggage After Landing?

    That's odd!! When I landed the immigration office came before the customs.
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    Annual expenses for a family of three

    A very very rough estimate of CAD$ 2000 a month. But a lot will depend on what standard of living you want to maintain....!
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    Landing alone what about carring funds.

    Proof of funds to be shown for all family members even if principal applicant is landing alone.
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    Land in winter or summer?

    Avoid the summer months when universities/colleges are closed for summer break as during that time all entry-level jobs get filled up with students. If you land during winter, you are likely to be without driving license/car. Will you be able to survive the harsh winter without your own...
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    ON Driving License

    Hi, No need to get the certificate attested.
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    The Limit

    You also have to show this money to the officer at the port of landing in Canada.
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    Need Landing Tips

    Hello friends, I am soon going to make my landing at Toronto and need some landing tips from other members. For example, if I want to make a local phone call from the public telephone at the airport, what coins do I need to have? Also, I heard that to take a baggage trolley at the airport...
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    how to get job in Canada

    In which field are you looking for a job? BCGuy suggested one very good source for nursing jobs recently.
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    how to get job in Canada

    Hmmm.........that's a million $ question! ;-)
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    PMM, BCGuy, Leon Help

    My opinion is that you should go with job duties rather than job title. Good Luck!
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    the amount of money needed when first landing

    Check this out.......
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    Goods to follow list

    What if the main applicant lands first followed by dependents later. Does the main applicant at the time of landing need to produce goods to follow list for all items that the depedents will bring with them later on?
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    90 days...critical period of life

    No.......because now you would be applying under new rules (post Feb 2008) and this means that your case is likely to be decided in about a year's time (as per CIC that is).
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    90 days...critical period of life

    You guys would be taking a BIG risk if you don't appear for IELTS. If one visa officer has alloted 8 points for English, it doesn't mean every visa officer will follow the same track. The beauty of providing IELTS score is that you know beforehand your English points. You lose this advantage if...
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    Must the photocopies be notarized?

    In my case, documents submitted initially were attested but subsequent updates were sent using photocopies only.
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    "Skilled labour shortages remain....." Would someone care to explain in which fields??? I would be really interested to know this!
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    will 2 bank accounts in my name appear suspicious.......

    I highly doubt whether CIC would be concerned with the number of bank accounts you have and for how long you have/have not used your account.
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    Canada Immigration

    Start at Most of your questions will be answered here. Good Luck!