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    An international student has completed 2 years MBA program in one year. The university diploma received mentions MBA program 2 years on it. Student is now applying for PGWP. A two year program should get her 3 years PGWP. She completed 2 years program in one year. Would this be an issue...
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    Ship Officer NOC-2273...Has anybody applied for PR??

    What are your qualifications? I think merchant naval officer's have Bachelors in Nautical Sciences
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    SPOUSAL TRV AND OPEN WORK PERMIt your husband should use the webform(link given above) to inform cic that he has got married and wants to include his wife on the PR application. Upload the marriage certificate, passport biographical pages and any other information he wants to...
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    PGWO + TRV

    first apply for pgwp. later apply for trv.
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    How to Apply for PGWP extension (with renewed passport) through online

    how many years of pgwp you have?
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    How to Apply for PGWP extension (with renewed passport) through online

    you can not extend PGWP but you can get a bridging work permit if you have received a nomination from PNP program or if you applied to Express entry and have received an acknowlegement
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    she can work on study permit too. Once she finishes her studies she will become eligible for pgwp.
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    IEC Work Permit Application Help

    withdraw application and do it all over again.
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    Only experienced people can help me, SErious family problem, hardship in my life

    have you spoken to your wife?What does she want?
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    validity of PRTD

    thanks Syclla.
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    validity of PRTD

    For how long is PR travel document? I know it can be used once only.
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    tourist visa processing time pakistan

    Applied for tourist visa for parents from Pakistan in April 2016......still waiting. What is the experience of others?
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    tourist visa to study permit

    A person is here in Canada with his wife on tourist visa. The wife was pregnant when she came here and has now delivered the baby. His tourist visa will expire in Nov 2016.The husband has got tentative admission in a trades college in Winnipeg for Jan 2017.The husband wants to apply for study...
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    refugee claim refused

    But people do apply for H and C after refugee claims have failed. There is no eligibility criteria for H and C.
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    12 month bar for H and C applications

    Scylla thanks.
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    12 month bar for H and C applications

    An applicant has his refugee claim refused while in Canada. He is eligible to apply for Humanitarian and compassionate application after 12 months. My question is how will he live during these 12 months? No status, no work permit, under CBSA do such people live here?
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    refugee claim refused

    If he does a H and C application while in Canada, will the CBSA come after him?
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    refugee claim refused

    A person applied for refugee status in Montreal.His has received a refusal. He now wants to do a humanitarian and compassionate application. He has also applied for extension of work permit. What are the chances that he would get an extension on his work permit now that that his refugee claim...
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    Help me defining my NOC code

    what is the email for NOC support?