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  1. RocketCity

    Need Advice: Complicated PR case

    Out of curiosity, say you're working those 4-5 years and then get denied. Can you use those 4-5 years of work experience as Canadian Work Experience to add points to your Express Entry profile?
  2. RocketCity

    Applying for a CSQ BEFORE renouncing permanent residency

    Hi all, This is my situation. I landed 05/2015. I still have a PR card valid until 03/2021. I know I haven't met my residency obligation, so I might be reported if I tried to come back (although I do have a green card and would not need an ETA and live close enough to the border). Looking...
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    FYI for another data point: My green card is pending, but I was previously on H-1B. I applied via the QSW route, and got Canadian PR. I have until May 2018 to see if I want to make the US or Canada my permanent home.
  4. RocketCity

    I M PR SINCE DEC 2015

    I think he's correct. I've been a Canadian PR since May 2015. I stopped being able to see my status since February 2016. I hypothesize that after 6 months, your case gets taken out of the database.
  5. RocketCity

    why do people apply...

    My reason. I should get my green card in a few months. However, it's still nice to have options in the unlikely case I get a good opportunity in Canada.
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    Landing Interview with Immigration Officer

    I just showed them a statement from a brokerage account.
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    Live in Canada, Work in USA, Sponsorship Eligibility

    Hi all, I have a hypothetical scenario. Say I'm living in Windsor and working Detroit, would I be able to sponsor a spouse? I know that when you are applying to sponsor someone you should not leave Canada other than perhaps short vacations. If you are working in Detroit, you are leaving the...
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    Live in Windsor, ON CA and work in Detroit, MI USA on Canadian PR and H1B

    I'll receive my green card in two to three months, so I've actually looked into this issue. I also currently have a Canadian PR. In my case, I'd have to switch my green card to commuter status once I receive it if I wanted to do what you're doing. I would like to maintain both PRs, but it's...
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    Re-applying for permanent residency as an already landed permanent resident

    Hi all, I landed and became a PR in Canada in May of last year. I recently married a US PR holder, and I'm set to become a US PR myself in a few months. I am currently working in the US. Let's say my wife and I decided Canada might be a better option in the future. Can I re-apply for a...
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    Moving from USA(H1B) to Canada(PR)

    That makes the question a little tougher. I timed mine such that I would get my US green card within 3 years of receiving Canadian PR. Do you have a job lined up in Canada?
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    Moving from USA(H1B) to Canada(PR)

    Do you already have a Canadian PR?
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    Same thing happened to me recently. I also landed in May.
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    Landing first time - Proof of Fund - do we need to carry full fund to Canada

    I already landed in Montreal and went back.
  14. RocketCity

    Landing first time - Proof of Fund - do we need to carry full fund to Canada

    I carried maybe $130 in cash and bank statements for my landing.
  15. RocketCity

    SIN Card Application with a non-Canadian Address

    I applied for a SIN with an American address. They don't actually send you a card. They'll print you your "SIN Card" on the spot.
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    I did. IN fact, I just landed 2 months ago in Montreal. Though, I am currently living in the uS.
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    Which is Better INDIA or CANADA

    This question is situation dependent. In your case, it looks like you have a good situation and would stay in India (if I were making a decision). However, I'd go with Canada for the average case scenario.
  18. RocketCity

    U.S. credit card questions

    This is correct. I recently landed in Montreal, and I exclusively used my Chase card which doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee while I was there. The exchange rate I got was only 1/2 of a penny worse than the market price.
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    Where to live in Canada?

    When crossing the border from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario; you would actually have to travel SOUTH.
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    Does US degree and Experience count in Canada?

    Just an anecdote.... I had a friend who graduated from the US in Management Information Systems. In the US (as you may already know), you are eligible for one year (at the time) of Optional Practical Training (OPT) after graduating. In the one year of OPT, he could not find a job in the US...