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    Gettin New SIN Number

    Just received my new SIN in the mail. I applied online on 30 June, 2020.
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    Got approval, now what?

    No, since inland applicants are not being issued a COPR, just send your pictures with a copy of the approval letter (this is basically your landing letter).
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    Got approval, now what?

    You have to send (courier) your pictures to the address mentioned in your approval letter
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    NOC 4163, 1112, 1122?? Please Help

    You should pick the one that matches most to your job duties. Keep in mind that your actual job title is not as important, the duties performed are more significant. From my guess 1112 seems most appropriate, but that is just my personal opinion.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    I think that should be fine
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    Need Urgent Help

    If you have your ITA and have not applied for PR yet then you should decline the ITA since you are laid off as you will no longer get those 50 points
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Same, I sent through UPS last week and it reached next day. Have also linked my PR card application/updates to my CIC account.
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    After accepting ITA ??

    Due to covid, IRCC is giving 90 days to submit everything.
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    Need some advice ASAP

    I don't know the details, maybe they are still offering it at the border but you will have to double check. Either way you should have your confirmation of extension in hand.
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    Need some advice ASAP

    You should be okay as long as you have the confirmation letter and your current valid study permit - you should aim to get back before the 29th to avoid any problems/delays and not leave it up to the last minute.
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    Regarding PGWP

    If the length of your program is 2 years, you will likely get a 2-year PGWP.
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    If I do an unpaid work experience as an IT analyst after graduation in Canada, is it counted as work experience for applying for PR?

    No - unpaid roles do not count. The requirement is that you must be working full time hours and it must be remunerated with wages.
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    Bridging Work permit applicant under CEC

    Since you already applied for BOWP before your PGWP expires, you're good. You will be on implied status but can continue working etc until a decision is made on your BOWP.
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    SIN number - Changing from Temporary to Permanent

    Yes, that's what I chose
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    Applying for Ontario health card using PR landing letter

    Hi, I had the same question. Have you reached the OHIP helpline to find out if they are accepting the landing letter?
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    Awaiting for PR CEC decision

    the letter is valid for one year
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    Hi, For anyone who was recently issued (inland) COPR and residing in Ontario, did you apply to renew/change OHIP? if so, were you able to do so successfully?
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    Inland Candidates/PR Card Request/ New or Amended SIN Number

    How long does it take to amend SIN number? Can anyone send the link and if it is possible to renew online?
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    >>>>>>>NOVEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Thanks, I will likely use UPS or FedEx - have you received your PR card? I heard some folks have received it much sooner than expected. I have to send it to the Windsor office.
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    Awaiting for PR CEC decision

    Yes. Did you get any update on your application?