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  1. anujoshi

    How does a realtor work?

    There is no law about commission. I have clients that rent out their property on an on-going basis and I charge a flat fee. There is no law about Realtor commissions or fees in Ontario.
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    How does a realtor work?

    1. Realtor fee is paid by the tenant in any transaction that takes place on a or MLS listing. 2. Not necessarily. But a landlord that is hiring a Realtor (and paying them) and asking the Tenant's Realtor to bring a qualified Tenant (and is agreeing to pay them too) obviously sees...
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    Buying a house - Advice please :)

    Yes you're right
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    ontario standard lease

    There is a standard lease in Ontario which must be signed for every lease that came into effect after Apr 30, 2018. The standard lease is available here:
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    Read reviews online and check their websites/social media. Also you should interview 1-2 Realtors before you decide. Sometimes it's more about a Realtor's style of working... that will make you comfortable and confident to work with them. There are 54,000 Realtors in Ontario - you just have to...
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    Lapsed Landed Immigrant

    She can buy property here pretty much no matter what. Her status only affects how she will finance the property and what down payment is required (if she is getting a mortgage). I'm not familiar with what "landed immigrant" status means, but if she is a Permanent Resident, then she can buy a...
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    Buying a house - Advice please :)

    Seller/owner doesn't care how they receive the money... because it happens through a lawyer here anyway. If financing has been secured (and confirmed) ahead of time then usually it's fine to go through (no benefit to the seller to give a discount for cash).
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    Buying a house - Advice please :)

    Repairs are an on-going expense for all homeowners, regardless of the age of the home. But the repairs are done by professionals, not necessarily the home owners. Like most homeowners may paint or put up shelves and things... but repairing roof, plumbing, renovating a bathroom, replacing the...
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    Buying home after getting PR

    Also ensure you keep a good paper trail on where the money was back home (accounts, assets, any powers of attorney, documents, etc.), and where it is coming into the country (your account).
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    Buying home after getting PR

    Talk to your accountant before transferring large funds. Tax rules do apply. I'm not saying you'll have to pay tax, but there is paperwork to be done because next time you file your taxes it may come up as a question so best to have it sorted through your accountant ahead of time.
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    Buying real estate property

    Before you have any status in Canada you can still buy property. Like another member said, you may have trouble getting financing/mortgage. Buying full cash, or buying with a large down payment and getting a mortgage through a secondary institution (not the big 5 banks) which may be more...
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    June 2018 AOR - join here

    As a newcomer there are a couple of institutions that have a program for you if you want to buy a house. As long as you are working a full time job here, even if you have no credit history, they will give you a mortgage with minimum down payment (sometimes as little as 5%). It's not an...
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    Buying house,guidance needed

    If you are buying for yourself, buy where you are comfortable. Every house requires maintenance (roof, furnace, etc.) which comes up every 7-10 years depending on the item. Even if the house is 30 years old but well maintained by the existing owners, you'll just have to pay for regular upkeep...
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    Which SIM Card to purchase and internet plans to buy ?

    Yes I was referring to the 6-months no-fee promotion at TD - a friend of mine who immigrated here in Jan just got that.
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    Which TGA areas should I consider for permanent housing

    Yes, they are average prices but quite accurate. In Mississauga my client rented out his 2 bed/2 bath suite in downtown Mississauga condo building for $2200 plus utilities at the end of 2016. Prices have steadily increased since then for rentals - it's a bit crazy, I know! But of course you can...
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    Which TGA areas should I consider for permanent housing

    Yes, these are for condo rentals. Prices may be a bit lower for apartments, but vacancy rates are low in those buildings. It's a matter of finding what fits your needs at the time you are looking for a rental.
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    Which SIM Card to purchase and internet plans to buy ?

    Hi Rocky. I am with TD and they have a TD "MySpend" mobile app, where the transaction shows up almost immediately... if I swipe for coffee, by the time I walk to my car with my coffee, it gives me a phone notification that $4 were spent at Starbucks. So if I wanted to, I can view and pay that...
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    COPR and Passport needed - and you would need to provide a Canadian residence address I think.
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    Which SIM Card to purchase and internet plans to buy ?

    Buy something on Amazon using a Canadian credit card :) pay it off immediately. I was only saying it as a helpful tip, but you don't need to go out of your way to do that if it doesn't make sense for you right now. It has helped people before you though. Good luck!
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    Moving soon, Should child finish school year

    Schools here start in September but registrations and new students are accepted year-round. And schools here are based on the year of birth of your child, so it's not like he gets any extra credit for finishing a certain grade in UK. He will be put with kids exactly his age by year. I think...