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    Financial Advice for study permit needed please

    Attach gic certificate that is sufficient and attach income tax fo itr of orevious years that is sufficient
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    visa during lockdown

    Applied online
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    visa during lockdown

    I applied on 28 feb and i got visa approval on 13 march
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    I got ITA in 2009, Can it help in any ways to get the Canada PR again.

    No it doesn't help, you have to start fresh application for express entry. For maintaining PR you have to fulfill there condition of 2years out of 5 years in canada.
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    My ielts was expiring on 24 march 2020 and my visa is approved on 13 march 2020.So there is no problem in it you have 1 year remaining time.
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    MAY 2020 intake (general discussion) ,post ur visa timelines

    I submit my file on 28 feb by sds online, Biometric done on 3 march Got visa approved message and submit passport request on 13 march , Got my visa stamped passport on 20 march
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    IsI college montreal

    Agent de through kita apply ose ne dasya college baare vi
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    IsI college montreal

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    IsI college montreal

    I also got offer letter for network and security but i am confused to accept or not? Did we get pgwp after completing course?