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    Is MD postgraduation counted as work experience

    Maybe you have this figured out already, but just in case, here is your answer. For physicians you need to get your MBBS assessed through the MCC. You can also get your MD assessed too. As a pathology resident, you will be in the NOC category 3112 and your job title will be 'physician...
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    Regarding job as doctor or doctor assistant

    As others have already mentioned, it is very challenging for a person with a medical degree from other countries (except the US and a few other countries - to be successful here in Canada. Yet...
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    Doctors wishing to immigrate to Canada

    Hi CanDok, Just saw your question. ECA should be obtained from This is both for IRCC and for when you eventually wish to apply for a medical residency position or go for practice-ready assessment at any of the Canadian provinces.
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    NOC Code for Post-doctoral Research Fellow

    Hello Narayan, The National Occupational Classification 2016 has post-doctoral research fellow listed in 4011. However please make sure that your duties match the description for the postdoc...
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    Congrats for new website/layout

    Looks good! Much better than the previous design and layout.
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    landing as a PR in Vancouver CIC office

    Hello CanBC, How long was your wait time to get an appointment to land? Thanks, Ajay
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    May AOR 2017 - Join here.

    Hello andy108, Please send me an invite to the WhatsApp group. Thank you!
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    Doctors wishing to immigrate to Canada

    He would be eligible for an employer-specific work permit. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) would also have to be obtained before submitting the work permit application. I think he would be eligible for express entry as soon as he gets a position with practice ready assessment. So he...
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    Postdocs - please help!

    Thank you jes_On, Janaki, and vsoftco! Although I did my research at a company (in Vancouver), I was employed by Queen's University and was funded through the NSERC Engage program. jes_On, the link you sent was for work permit. I wonder if the same would apply for permanent residence. I...
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    Postdocs - please help!

    Thank you Janaki, and rd160309! I have written to Employment and Social Development Canada. They got back to me earlier and helped me select the 2121 code for my current job. So let me see what they say this time. I will keep you posted. I am a medical doctor with a PhD in Biomedical...
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    Postdocs - please help!

    I have 6 months as a postdoctoral fellow and 6 months as a research scientist (in a company). So I do qualify with 1 year of Canadian experience. I did not teach or perform most of the duties as on the job description of 4011. I wonder why NOC included postdoctoral fellows. I'm sure many...
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    Postdocs - please help!

    I have an ITA finally and qualify under CEC. I did a postdoc for 6 months last year (I was supervised by a professor from Queen's university but did my research at a company). I have listed this position on my work experience. NOC 4011 seems inappropriate as I did not teach or supervise any...
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    Applying as a postdoctoral fellow

    Can post-docs use the NOC 4012?
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    Work experience

    Excellent! Thank you JSN_2016.
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    Work experience

    I agree that this may not count as work experience. However in order to fill in the work and personal history: 1) If I say that this work was done and I did not have a permit, my application could be canceled, right?. I was allowed to work legally (had a valid student permit and had applied...
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    Doctors wishing to immigrate to Canada

    Last year, there were 334 positions exclusively for International medical graduates (those who have their MD degree from another country; could also be Canadian citizens, who have done their MD elsewhere, e.g. Carribean). Of these 179 were Family Medicine openings and 155 were different...
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    Work experience

    So if this is on your work experience in your permanent residence application, what did you enter on the valid work permit field? Also, did you submit a work experience letter for the work done from the end of your PhD (when you had not received your work permit yet)?
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    Doctors wishing to immigrate to Canada

    It is a very long and expensive process!! One would have to do the following: 1) Register with and get their credentials certified 2) Take the MCCEE and MCCQE-I exams (can be taken in India) 3) Immigrate to Canada 4) Take the NAC OSCE exam in Canada 5) Apply for residency...
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    Work experience

    Hello everyone, I received an ITA yesterday and I have a question regarding work experience. I completed my PhD in Canada on June 2015. I immediately applied for a work permit and I received the same on October 2015. I was working as a research assistant (as I had applied for a work permit...