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    Regarding request letter for Hong Kong Police Certificate (CNCC)

    It's not critical, but it would show the agent that you have already applied for the PCC and delays are not your fault. The webform:
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    Regarding request letter for Hong Kong Police Certificate (CNCC)

    The address is Regular mail : ATTN: EE Registry Case Processing Agent Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada CIO Correspondence PO BOX 8400 Sydney, NS B1P 0G6 Canada Courier: ATTN: EE Registry Case Processing Agent Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada CIO...
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    Carrying Funds and Tax on that

    No tax, but she must declare it at customs if it's over $10,000 and have proof of source.
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    Travel history question

    It's not rocket science. You must mention every country you have visited separately. Mention all countries you have stamps of, even if it was only for transit and mention all countries you have stayed in, even if you didn't get stamps. Just write the date range as exact as you can remember, look...
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    Two or more diploma, degree points

    That depends on how that one year is assessed by the likes of WES. It might just be assessed as another year of secondary or some college level education without being a degree. An Associate's Degree + Bachelor will definitely count as 2 degrees, but one year might not be enough.
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    Ontario PNP - Can I land in Montreal?

    I wouldn't risk it. The issue of intended destination has become the subject of a department memorandum. Applicants landing in the Province of Quebec without a valid Quebec Certificate of Selection and who appear destined to Quebec, will not, pursuant to current department directives, be...
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    Progress bar disappeared

    Progress bar will show up after you've passed medicals
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    Proof of Funds

    Any currency will work. If it's not CAD I would show proof of more than the minimum amount in case of exchange rate fluctuations.
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    Child born in Canada after ITA

    Yes, add child as non-accompanying. Upload a letter explaining your child is a Canadian citizen together with the birth certificate.
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    Your application status has changes.

    Probably your submission got approved. Check if it says "eligible" for any of the streams.
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    Hong Kong Police Certificate

    Ask via the web form. You won't pass criminality without the PCC. What did you upload together with your application in place of the PCC? The system should have asked you for the PCC based on your address history and you were supposed to upload a LOE explaining that HK only issues them with an...
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    Hong Kong Police Certificate

    They will send you the request letter after your medicals have passed, together with the biometric request letter. Have you passed your medicals?
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    Proof of Funds - ITA

    It said something along the lines of: Applicant has a savings account with Y bank with XXX money, equivalent to XXX CAD. The money is readily available to him. Applicant has asked his bank to provide a reference letter but the letter does not clearly show the required balance. We have 6 months...
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    Proof of Funds - ITA

    My letter was pretty much useless since it didn't specify the exact amount, only "xx figures". So my lawyer just submitted 6 months bank statements with an LOE. You only need to statements from one bank account, but it better be the one you receive your salary with.
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    Travel History inside Schengen Area

    You should add all countries you have been to regardless of having a stamp or not and add all countries you have a stamp even if you've only transited through them. My travel history had over 70 entries. It's not that much work. Fill in the form and add the rest as a table at the end of your LOE.
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    Travel History inside Schengen Area

    It's not rocket science. What you are trying to do is explain your travel history in a way that IRCC can understand. 01.01.01 - 01.01.01 Poland Warsaw Transit 01.01.01 - 08.01.01 Germany Munich Tourism 08.01.01 - 15.01.01 Spain Madrid Tourism 15.01.01 - 15.01.01 Hungary Budapest Transit You...
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    Travel History inside Schengen Area

    Presumably you know which dates you stayed in Poland and Hungary because of the stamps. I would just fill in the dates you've spent in Germany and Spain approximately and explain that in your LOE. It's not critical as long as you can list all the countries you have been to. 01.01.01 - 03.01.01...
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    Travel History inside Schengen Area

    Yes, that should be okay.
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    IMM5788 - you are not eligible for Express Entry despite having FSW score and all required parameters

    2 people need $16,135
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    Travel History inside Schengen Area

    Countries you have only been transiting through don't have to be mentioned, but you must mention all countries you have travelled to, even if it was just for one day. Try to remember as many as possible. Stamps are irrelevant, EU citizens don't get stamped at all, but still have to fill in the...