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    Personal Effects forms B4, B4A, B4E

    The B4s can be found at Search for B4 in the search box and it will pull up the two links. As of now they are and...
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    Do you get your application package back?

    If there's a specific document you want back, I'd let them know via a case specific enquiry asap. While some officers in some VO do send select documents back, you can't really count on it.
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    Just a little clarification...

    Should be ok, though as always YMMV as some officers don't love the idea of delaying landing. He may get no questions or ask why he doesn't want to land yet if he has his CoPR, but he should be able to visit before landing.
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    I am a Canadian citizen, do I need to provide a medical/police report?

    Yes, you can apply for a extension. Note that in your first extension you could, say, request a year and then wouldn't need another one (unless she exits and re-enters Canada).
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    As long as you've owned, used, and possessed the car prior to landing you're ok :)
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    Name correction in passport after visa issued but before landing

    It is best to fix it before landing. Otherwise, his PR card will be issued in the incorrect name too (and SIN, health, etc.) so the problem will snowball for you. That being said, you would need to let the VO know so they can update the CoPR and place the visa in his new passport before...
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    Have a fantastic week and landing! =) Hopefully the B4 is ready super quickly and you can really enjoy his last few days living in Mexico.
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    No. To qualify for duty and tax free status, settlers need to have owned, used, and possessed goods prior (unless they are part of a bridal trousseau and meet specific requirements). Returning Canadians need to have owned goods at least 6 months to qualify for duty and tax free status unless...
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    Vehicles older than 15 years are currently exempt from the RIV program, but that is under review ( so keep an eye on it (
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    It depends on your specific situation. Everyone pays 195 + tax (HST or HST+QST) for RIV fees. In addition, you'd have to consider the cost of any modifications your vehicles need and other expenses like insurance policy, gas for the move, and provincial inspection fees.
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    CBC Article - Edmonton parents battle to bring toddler home to Canada

    Once the TRV was denied, the parents could have requested a TRP. Sadly, people are often unaware that this is an option (and that family reunification is a valid reason for an Officer to issue a TRP). For future reference if someone runs across this thread: see...
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    Landing - Bringing a car to Canada - Tax Question

    Thought that may have been the case ;) As long as it's on your Goods to Follow list, the vehicle itself may be imported duty and tax free. =)
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    Landing - Bringing a car to Canada - Tax Question

    Yes, the RIV fees (195+tax on the 195) are the fees to process the paperwork to import your vehicle and the fees for the (lengthy) import inspection done at Canadian Tire. It is easiest to do it online via Keep in mind you'll also need to export the...
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    Yes, the border will have no issue as long as all the owners of the vehicle are ok with it (just take a letter from the lender). :) If it gives you encouragement, many people have reported getting clearance from their lenders =)
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    Will be landing by car/uhaul in May from the US. how do I do this?

    I know I included a link to this post of mine on the first page of the thread (with a note saying that the AES registration needs to be added in), but thought I'd paste it in here as from a quick review I noticed you have a few steps missing (e.g., get insurance in Canada, confirm coverage in...
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    Landing - Bringing a car to Canada - Tax Question

    Assuming you are a landed immigrant who qualifies as a settler (ie., who is entering Canada with the intention of moving for 12 months for the first time) and turns in a Personal Effects Accounting Document (B4/B4A) now, then no duties or taxes would be due upon landing. You would have RIV...
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    Can I bring a leased US car to Canada?

    Not legally, if you are residing in Canada. Canadian residents may not drive foreign-plated cars (unless they are a rental from a commercial company and the company guarantees the car will be in Canada less than 30 days or if you are using it to transport goods in the most direct route from...
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    Importing a used Vehicle from USA to Canada?

    Here's a post I wrote a while back with step-by-step instructions on how to import a vehicle from the US to Canada. The only change is the requirement to register the vehicle through AES (yourself at or via a broker) which is detailed at "Exporting a Vehicle to...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    Yes, he may land without turning in B4 forms (immigration and customs status are different). Whether the Officers allow him to turn in the forms this trip is up to their discretion (and may depend on border post in addition to Officer). If he takes a few boxes and shows he's starting to...
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    Advice for using CoPR

    You may do either. If you're near the border, 'flagpoling' is likely your fastest option.