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  1. miguelre

    I will be getting Married in Mexico, Processing times ?

    well, since they started processing in april 5th 'til july. sent december 2nd 2009, approved december 7th. our file was sent to buffalo and then transfered to mexico city on february 22nd and mexico started processing april 5th. but as i said before, they were extremely nice and helpful. good...
  2. miguelre

    I will be getting Married in Mexico, Processing times ?

    mine only took three months from the date they started processing my file. however, they were some delays because of misunderstandings but once mexico got my file, they were really helpful and nice. ive read how rude they are and things like that, but they were extremely nice and attentive to...
  3. miguelre

    Certified Translator or not?

    we translated everything ourselves and then took the documents (police certificate from spain, the common-law thing, and something else that i cant remember now) to the notary at Rachel's bank and he did it for free. but yeah, we did all the translations. try that and save some money, we had...
  4. miguelre

    can't find a job

    wow! you havent found a job yet, eh! (hahaha, get it?) I mean, I just had an interview yesterday at the Westin, hopefully they will call me soon. I'm just very impatient and have no friends here! so, i dont go out and i stay home...bored. credentials i have none, i have lots of experience in...
  5. miguelre

    can't find a job

    yeah, i landed about two weeks ago and im having a hard time finding a job. does anyone here know about a job or something? I dont know anybody either so i have no connections. thanks guys!
  6. miguelre


    it was more like 3 and a half months. and yes, i got my visa today!!!!!!!! cant wait to see you in canada, i miss you and Xavi and Sofia!!!! all of my love to you, rachie. buena suerte a todos los demas!
  7. miguelre


    we made the 'mistake' of not making any copies. luckily we had no issues nor lost documents. i got my visa today and they gave me all of our pictures...and i think everything else we sent as proof of our relationship. good luck!
  8. miguelre

    Does embasssy issue pr visa a month before medical expires? Please help!

    it could happen! i got a phone call on july 20th, they asked me if i could land by aug. 17th because of my medicals expiring. my immigration officer wanted to know if i had enough time to land or i couldve waited and re-do the medicals. i went to the embassy today and got my visa!!! im leaving...
  9. miguelre

    Toronto gathering

    i'll be there the 11th!!! ;D so im gonna try to find a job as soon as possible, and if im off any of those days, count me in!
  10. miguelre

    MEXICO EMBASSY (in process)

    it was more like 3 months... april 5 to july 20 ;D
  11. miguelre

    What is the most common way that CIC contacts you?

    we were contacted by phone, mail, and email. they called me for my passport request and everything else was regular mail or email. saludos!
  12. miguelre

    bringing a pet to canada? need help please

    you said youre leaving from the us, right? then you need a certificate for your dog saying that he/she's been vaccinated, we are taking our dog Xavi to Canda from the US too. our vet said that that particular certificate lasts for 10 days, so be sure you get it right before you leave. here's...
  13. miguelre


    no, they actually called me twice and asked me if i could land by august 17th (because of my medicals) the second time they called me i said that i could definitely make it by the 17th. they were really nice and attentive, i read so many stories here complaining about their rudeness. so no...
  14. miguelre


    hells yes!!!! :P
  15. miguelre

    We got our PPR!!!

    yay!!!! Canada, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. miguelre


    Cana: your husband needs to be legally admitted for at least a year in the US if you want to go through buffalo. I too have a ten year entry visa to the US and our file was transfered to mexico. i suggest you go through mexico and save some time. saludos
  17. miguelre

    Thread for MARCH 2010 applicants!

    since mine was transfered to mexico city, im gonna join this thread too. ;D
  18. miguelre


    i dont want to be called for an interview, i get nervous so easily, but there's no way i wouldn't know the answer to any of their questions regarding our relationship. anyway, saludos a todos.
  19. miguelre

    File Transferred to Mexico City :(

    Rachie, aren't you at work? Xavi and I miss you! be careful on your way home, besos.
  20. miguelre

    File Transferred to Mexico City :(

    we sent it to mississauga, then they sent it to buffalo and they just transfered it to mexico city. we'll let you know how that works and how long it takes. saludos.