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  1. jigzyy

    Study permit application guide

    Hi, My sis-in-law is going to apply for study permit very shortly under SDS stream from Pakistan. She is accepted in Humber college PG Diploma for one year, has done Bachelors in English and she is aiming to pursue her career in writing / publishing house. Her father already paid fee for the...
  2. jigzyy

    OFFER: Live-in Ready, 2 Bed,2 Bath Apartment near Toronto in Mississauga

    Hello forum! I am offering my apartment for short-term [few months] with the possibility of medium [6 months] ~ to long term [1 year]. Its a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment, live-in ready. You don't have to spend single penny when you move in. Newcomers, Landed immigrants are welcome as...
  3. jigzyy

    Driving Licence NOC Confusion - Pakistan (All are welcome to answer)

    Hi, I have got my driving license NOC, which states that I have X driver license which was issued from xx/xx/2004 and valid till xx/xx/2016 for M/Cycle & M/Car. It does not state number of years, months of driving experience, is it acceptable in Ontario as Driving experienced for G2 Test? I need...
  4. jigzyy

    FSWP 2013: Chit Chat & Congrats & Question / Answer Thread!

    Hello to all! This thread is specifically for those who applied under FSWP 2013 & want to chit chat, get answers to the question and/or wants to say long congrats & stuff so that we can keep the other thread "FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline - Lets Network Here" clean for timelines :) Good luck!
  5. jigzyy

    Subtituted Evaluation - Seniors, please input your views

    I was reading OP-6c of the Federal Skilled Worker and I have one question regarding one of the points. What is the difference between negative substituted evaluation and position substituted evaluation.
  6. jigzyy

    Can we Type + Print a form?

    For example, Type what can be typed using PC, and if the field is not allowing full text, example, my University Name is not coming full on the form, I am short of 1 letter, i.e., y. Should I fill that by hand with black ? or Just omit whole name, and fill it with hand? So basically, a form can...
  7. jigzyy

    Schedule 3 - Job Duties

    Most of us are filling forms like a machine, that's why the form is quiet since yesterday ::) Seniors, could you please guide on the Schedule 3 where they ask about job duties? The fields are very small, and we cannot actually write everything there. The question is, should we writing summary...
  8. jigzyy

    Claiming points for Spouse's English Language - FSWP 2013

    Hi, My wife took IELTS Academic last year in December (so IELTS is still valid), Can I claim points of her Academic IELTS ? Its way above required band, and IMO, it shouldn't have to be an issue? Experts, please answer?
  9. jigzyy

    Documents to CIC V/S Documents to Visa Specific Office

    Hi, I was reading forum and read few posts that says, when CIC sends us an AOR, we than need to gather the required documents that needs to be sent to Visa Specific Office with in 120 days. My Questions is, What documents are we going to send to CIC AND what additional documents will be...
  10. jigzyy

    Documents + Finance Required for Memorial University - Pakistan Specific

    Hi, Just to recheck the requirements, I am posting it here, anyone who successfully got MUN study visa , or at least got medical call, please share your documents and statement that you provided? I am applying for my wife in couple of weeks, so I want to ask what minimum statement you showed...
  11. jigzyy

    Changing College / University after getting visa

    Hi, Just wondering, is it possible to change university / college after getting visa? For example, if someone gets a visa for XYZ University in Canada, but is not willing to attend, and instead switch his / her course from University to College Level (Like from 4 yrs undergraduate to 2 or 3...
  12. jigzyy

    Finally.. Re-Applied

    Finally re-applied after last rejection. Hoping for a better outcome this time... Last time I applied solo, this time, I included my spouse too ;D
  13. jigzyy

    Personal Statement of Interest

    .. Does anyone have it as a sample..?? Will be writing for college and not for the embassy.. Thanks
  14. jigzyy

    Property Evaluation Letter - Sample

    Do anyone any sample?? Can anyone share??
  15. jigzyy

    Forms that are necessary for dependent visa..

    I'll be applying with my wife this time .. I'm as main applicant, and wife as dependent. What extra forms should I be adding from her side..?? Family Information form.. any other..??
  16. jigzyy

    Any one in Lahore got his property evaluated..

    Is there any1 from Lahore who got his property evaluated from someone?? Can you tell Agent Name and stuff or PM me.. need it on urgent basis..
  17. jigzyy

    Those who scored Scholarships, please post here..

    Okay... My younger brother is looking to join a Canadian University on Scholarship for Engineering. Can any one tell me which universities do provide scholarships for international students..?? His Academic Scores in both Matriculation and FSc are above 80%
  18. jigzyy


    Financially not satisfied
  19. jigzyy

    Need Suggestions

    I need suggestions now, it's way above Regular time (almost double) and I haven't heard anything from the CHC (Ch**tia, Ha*ami, Ch00r).. Should I shoot an email to them about the status.. or keep on waiting..??
  20. jigzyy

    Visatronix Changed to In-Transit ... :/

    :o I just checked my Visatronix status and it is In-transit..