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    Restrictions for PR holders on amount of time spent outside Canada

    You need to be in Canada for a minimum of 2 years in the 5 years from initial landing. That means if your initial landing is Mar-17 and you have to meet 2yrs within Mar-22. What if anybody fulfills 730 days on Jun-22? Are the eligible for RO?
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    Restrictions for PR holders on amount of time spent outside Canada

    Hi Is 5yrs period within PR period validity or 5yrs from the day you applied for PR renewal?
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    Is there anyone who applied without meeting RO(730 days)?
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    4 Months Short of PR Obligation - Need to go for full settlement - Will I be reported ?

    Hi realmj, Thanks for your reply. But I am not clear about the quoted line.
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    PR reneval with less than 730 days, before 5 years since becoming a PR.

    HI, What is the update of your scenario? Did u face any issue?
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    RO - PR Renewal

    Did you face any question at POE as you have not completed RO? Some people mentioned that a person may get reported during enter if you don't meet the RO.
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    Expired pr card and returning to canada

    Have U entered ?? Curious to know your case.
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    PR Card expiring soon

    Is it 2years out of 5yrs from landing date or last 5yrs from PR renew application date?
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    sponsoring spouse

    Yes only 2-3days.Is it enough or can be flagged?
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    sponsoring spouse

    Yes.I am compliant if I don't stay outside for a single day. M I RIGHT?
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    sponsoring spouse

    Thanks. Would they question regarding my RO ?
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    sponsoring spouse

    Hi My timeline is like this 1st Land date : 16-FEB-17 Stays 5days PR expiry : 17-March-2022 Re-entered Canada on 13-Feb-2020 I would like to sponsor my souse Oct-2020. Since I will be able to meet 730days by 16-Feb-2022, will I face any problem for sponsoring?