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  1. ellia

    why do people apply...

    Another possible reason could be that a person knows that they want to settle and live permanently in Canada, but they can't move right now, and they also know that they will be ineligible to apply a few years from now - because of age, change in family composition or any number of other...
  2. ellia

    AOR in November 2015 - Let's get together

    Congratulations to all who got PPR!! We don't select the VO, the IRCC assigns it based on workload and their internal procedures, I guess. I think the majority of applications, or at least a lot of them, are processed in Ottawa, even the outlands. Then some are sent to their LVOs, yet others...
  3. ellia

    Landing in Canada query

    This is not what you asked about, but just to clarify: your PR is not valid for 5 years, it is permanent, as the name suggests, as long as you satisfy the residency requirements. The 5 year validity is only for your PR card, which is just an ID and a travel document, the actual document proving...
  4. ellia

    Question regarding GCMS notes

    Sorry, just saw your message. I answered to your pm. Again, I'm not sure you can pay with your own card, be it credit or debit - you'll have to try and see what happens, I guess. And yes, your friend will need to submit the scan of their PR card as a proof that they can make the request.
  5. ellia

    Help needed: how to reply case officer's email directly?

    Hmmm... do you know your VO? You could try the VO address, I guess. Or maybe just email CPC-Ottawa and explain your situation, maybe they'll be able to help. Make sure to put your UCI/EE application number in the subject line.
  6. ellia

    Help needed: how to reply case officer's email directly?

    You could use the CSE. Upload the document that they want together with an explanation of the situation. I don't remember if it allows you to mark the request as urgent, but if yes, do that, too. Good luck!
  7. ellia

    AOR in November 2015 - Let's get together

    I don't know anything about accounting, but it might not be a good time for any kind of job in Edmonton. I hope other forum members will correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the situation in Alberta was rather difficult even before the wildfire.
  8. ellia

    where we can pay VISA REISSUANCE FEE ?

    Okay, sorry, I still don't understand what your situation is and who requested you and why. Maybe other forum members will be able to help. You might want to add some details, like what visa type is it, where will it be stamped (the embassy, the VFS, any other organization), if you'll be paying...
  9. ellia

    Question regarding GCMS notes

    Unless you had a ghost email/update or some other movement in your application, your notes will be mostly empty. If you order them now, you'll most likely just see the initial work that has been done on your application, it won't be much. I ordered mine three months in, and there wasn't any info...
  10. ellia

    where we can pay VISA REISSUANCE FEE ?

    I remember seeing that as an option to pay in the pricelist of the Canadian Visa Centre. Did you not get the i structions on how to pay it along with the request? What do you mean by "which category I have to select"? What category are you talking about?
  11. ellia

    Background Checks

    I think what rajibsam meant is that the IRCC will not be satisfied by the check that has been done outside the PR application process, and will initiate another check in accordance with the inner regulations they might have. The DHS check might be more in-depth, but immigration is a rather...
  12. ellia

    Newbie - Need some help in understanding the process.

    There are two types of tools on the IRCC website, I'm assuming you're talking about the "Come to Canada" tool that determines whether or not you're eligible to come to Canada and if yes, under what program. It's good that the tool found you eligible. The next step is to check your Comprehensive...
  13. ellia

    Question regarding GCMS notes

    Yeah, he should apply through the IRCC website, there should be a section for that in there somewhere. There will be two options, to apply via the Privacy act or the Access to Information act. The first one is free, but one can only use it if he applies for his own information. Your friend will...
  14. ellia

    Wife being principal applicant, changed pin and denied my access to CIC.

    I guess it's easy for us to say that you should reconcile, since nobody here knows you or your wife personally. Ultimately, only you know what's the actual situation like, so only you can decide what's best for you. As for your question, valsanail gave some substantial advice. I personally...
  15. ellia

    Question regarding GCMS notes

    If you were in Canada, you could've gotten your GCMS notes yourself, for free, I believe, directly through the government website. If you have a relative or a friend in Canada who would agree to get them for you free of charge, you could get them for 5 CAD. If neither is true, you can order them...
  16. ellia

    Will they extend PR visa ?

    Ah, I see. Well, I'm not sure, but I think they'll issue a new visa with a new expiration date. Though they might require you to re-do medicals, if they'll be expiring soon. But I have to stress, I don't know for sure, that's just my assumption. Maybe you could ask them via a CSE?
  17. ellia

    Final Landing in Toronto with layover in Vancouver - Confused about Immigration

    I don't know about luggage, but the immigration formalities will definitely be in Vancouver, that's the POE. In a Canadian Orientation Abroad meeting they specifically stated that if you're flying to a Canadian city with a connection in Toronto, your landing will be in Toronto. I don't see why...
  18. ellia

    Ghost Update?

    Well, as GoHaPPyCaN already said, it doesn't really mean PPR, but it means that some work is being done on your application. And if all your documents are okay (as is the case with the majority of applicants), then that means it's a step towards PPR, so it's a good thing. You can see in my...
  19. ellia

    AOR in November 2015 - Let's get together

    Yay, congrats, bellaluna! Happy to hear that! ;D