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    Need Help, Airbnb host cancelled the accommodation

    Thank you guys, I managed to find something in airbnb. Additionally I have got travel insurance that covers airbnb.The rogue host put up his listing for much higher price again. Basically he cancelled it so he could get more money. I got stressed out but I learnt my lesson. I paid about...
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    Need Help, Airbnb host cancelled the accommodation

    Hi all, booked a place for stay in Toronto for my family thru airbnb but host suddenly cancelled it. Please let me know other reliable and reasonably priced bread and breakfast options in Toronto. Please assist, only a week to start my trip and tensed on how toanage with my baby.
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    What documents to show on landing

    Hi, apart from POF, COPR and Passport, do I have to present any other document. Do I need to take originals of all my supporting documents submitted as part of application?
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    Amsterdam Airport Visa Requirements for Indian Nationals

    Hi, I intend to do short-landing and while departing I will not have my PR card yet. As the visa stamped in my passport is only a single entry, it means that I do not have unrestricted entry back to Canada. Do I need to apply for a airport visa for Amsterdam while returning back from Canada to...
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    Again and Again Landing Toronto Question

    Decoy and BS65, thank you for your response, I am not the OP but I am in a similar situation. I am sure that short-landing should be acceptable for all practical reasons. But since time and again I see someone quoting against it makes me think if I am overlooking anything.
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    7 days left to arrive to Toronot and no accomdation yet..!!..plz help.

    Can we ask for a credit report of the company/individual who offers accommodation? Does it help any way to understand if they are trustworthy?
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    Again and Again Landing Toronto Question

    I am sorry but I do not understand why would CBSA officer would refuse entry. I understand that they might not take any address for PR card but why would they refuse entry. Are there any rules or guidelines about this? Can we POLITELY argue/challenge/convince the officer to let us in? If I...
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    Need Help with Toronto Accommodation for 15 days

    Hi, I need to do short landing with my family. Need accommodation for 2-3 weeks in Toronto for 2 adults and a kid. Not too sure how safe it is to take up something in airbnb. Prefer a hotel room instead. Any idea where I can find good deals. Most cost upwards to 150$/day which is not affordable...
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    COPR Yay but just 6 months on Visa

    Hi thanks, just got to know by reading other posts... Any suggestions about this : "short landing". What to do and importantly what not to do..
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    COPR Yay but just 6 months on Visa

    Hi Guys, got my passport back with visa stamped. Have been provided only 6 months to come to Canada. I believe it is okay to land there, apply for the card, give a trusted friends address and think about moving later. But should I take my family as well? Can I apply for PR card for them as well...
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Got my passport back but only 6 months on the visa... too less time for me :)
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    CPCO Request - CVAC Singapore

    It has been one month and I haven't got any info yet. anyone know whom to call. Called VFS but they don't seem to have any info. The original email requesting passport had asked me to contact if I haven't got it within a month but doesn't say whom to contact..
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    CPCO Request - CVAC Singapore

    Just to keep others informed... Went to cvac (Vfs Singapore) to submit my passport..went there by 1 PM, only two counters. My turn came in at 3 (closing time) and the lady at the counter said she cannot take my application because i dint bring the print out of the passport request email. She...
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    CPCO Request - CVAC Singapore

    Hi thanks for the info. I will go to vfs tomorrow. Aor Jan. I believe the Visa office is Singapore.
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    CPCO Request - CVAC Singapore

    Hi, can someone brief me about the process to submit my passport to CVAC Singapore? I am not able to follow the instructions.... Can I submit in person? Do i have to submit the passport and photos in some envelope? I just managed to get my passport renewed and two more weeks left..and do I have...
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    AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

    Hi Guys, got a request to submit my passport. As always appreciate your help so far and all the best for everyone waiting and the guys who have already landed there. Few questions : Email says I need to submit passport with 12 months validity or get passport renewed and submit it. But I may...
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    POF - Current Liabilities

    I have significant liabilities (home loan). I have just about sufficient funds to cover this. Should I bring down the liabilities and show wife's financial standing (as a joint account)? Or just show CIC that I have sufficient funds to cover both my liabilities and POF (join account). I am yet...
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    Can we submit post ITA app. processing fees using debit card from india?

    I may be wrong, but generally you can use Visa card (but not at ATM card) as your credit card. You may want to try using your debit card first and if it doesn't you can drop by your favorite bank and get an instant prepaid credit card. Few years back, I got my credit card from ICICI Bank within...
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    Employment at the time of application

    If an applicant is not currently employed or quits at the time of processing, will that impact CIC's decision on the application?
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    ITA Validity

    thank you for your response efk, but just in case...how long can I take time to submit my application. thank you one_topsy :D