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    American spouse application questions

    DO NOT APPLY INLAND. You want to apply "outland". She can freely apply outland and stay in canada as a visitor while her application is processing. US outland applicants are being approved in 5-6 months, as opposed to the 12-16 months it's taking for inland. THERE IS NO REASON FOR A US...
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    When do companies recruit?

    i've had the best luck finding jobs sept - feb. there may be less permanent opportunities in the summer time, because a lot of companies hire "summer students". even though they aren't permanent or advanced roles, the influx \summer students may prevent employers from recruiting permanent...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    if you will be bringing items after landing, then you will want to tick the "goods to follow" box on the form. you won't have to bring in the items all at once or at all. there is no time limit to when you need to bring everything in either. where the items are located is irrelevant to the...
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    Mistake by CIC

    aren't document requests submitted through MyCIC now, not by direct email? i also recommend sending a case specific enquiry to know for sure. perhaps you can copy/paste the request you received without your personal information so we can be more helpful.
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    USA>CANADA immigration application

    once allowed into canada, you can then apply to extend your stay as a visitor so you can live together and qualify for commonlaw. when in canada as a visitor, you can not work for a canadian employer. you CAN work remotely for a US employer if you have that option.
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    your approval paper will have a deadline for landing. generally it is the 1 year anniversary date of your medical exam, however there are people who have received less time and more time. it really depends on the timing of your approval, and you won't find out until you actually receive your...
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    Spousal Visa Questions

    1. correct, if the children have canadian citizenship, you do not need to fill out applicant forms for them, since they are not seeking pr status. The children do need to be listed on your wife's Additional family information form as her children, and i believe you do need to submit proof of...
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    CAR IMPORT - urgent request!

    you need to check your lease agreement to see if it allows you to drive the car in canada.
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    Can I sponsor my son

    how old is your son? were you born in canada or did you become a citizen after immigrating?
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    police certificate request

    you might want to send a case specific enquiry to the visa office and ask them that question. if they have the report and it's still valid, they will let you know.
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    Application do not meet the requirement for immigration to Canada

    considering you already posted the same question in the express entry section, i would imagine you know how to find it. for reference, the link is below: http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/express-entry-expression-of-interest-b54.0/ you will not get answers to your...
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    Application do not meet the requirement for immigration to Canada

    it does not sound like you are applying for family sponsorship, as proof of education is not required for applying. you need to post this question on the board specific to the stream of immigration you are applying for - which is the skilled worker or express entry sections of this forum.
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    Can my common law partner sponsor me for PR while I'm at university in Canada?

    yes she can sponsor you. no, one thing has nothing to do with the other. your student status has nothing to do with a spousal sponsorship application. it's quite common.
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    medical exam

    she will have to wait to receive her request. it is common for family members to receive separate requests.
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    Can I bring my spouse and child to Canada along with me?

    not listing family members i assume lowers points too. that is why i asked for the specifics. there are some people who will unknowingly risk future applications to get here quicker.
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    Can I bring my spouse and child to Canada along with me?

    when you say you "had not included my spouse and child in the application because of lack of points", does that mean you listed them in the application as non-accompanying or does that mean you did not mention in the application that you are married with a child? this makes a significant...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    realized i had a typo in my response (which i since fixed). us citizens can now get channeler reports.
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    visa extension for PR application

    did you send an application for an open work permit along with your PR application? if so, that's the only way you can have implied status. The OWP application gives you implied status until you receive the decision about that permit. if you did not submit an OWP application, then you do NOT...
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    Problem in getting SIN ........

    one thing has nothing to do with the other. this will not delay your pr card processing.
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    you will definitely need to start the application from scratch. your old documents will be helpful in answering the questions, but that's about it. the entire package and the requirements changed in january and they will not accept the old packet. you may also find some of the forms have been...