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  1. tetunte

    Home child care provider pilot 2023

    The site "https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/caregivers/child-care-home-support-worker/some-experience-apply.html" says "Applications for this category will reopen in 2024. ", the pilot expires in June 2024. It is a 5 year program
  2. tetunte

    Home child care provider pilot 2023

    I finished filling the online forms and updating the pdf forms in the PR application site. under the "Home Support Worker Pilot: Gaining experience category". but now that I entered the system blocked me and says "Submissions under this category are now closed." We have reached the maximum...
  3. tetunte

    Home Child Care Provider Pilot(Gaining Experience)

    I am exactly in the same position as you. I recommend you that you create your PR application, once there you can see all the forms and requirement required. To see all the documents that you need for your January Application download the form imm5981e. But for your current employer needs to...
  4. tetunte

    Did not receive notice of Citizenship oath ceremony.

    I am scheduled according to the info in my account on April 4th, 2022. But I haven't received my confirmation email yet. I think you are right the information in our accounts is not accurate. We need to wait for a confirmation email one week before the event.:(
  5. tetunte


    Hello My student visa expired on December 31 2020. I got a visitor visa that is good until November 2021. Can I request to restore my student status?
  6. tetunte

    January 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    Location: Edmonton, AB Application Type: Family (3) Physical Presence Days: 1355 App Sent Date: Jan 17th, 2021 App Delivered Date: Jan 22th, 2021 5 Year Eligibility: Jan 15th, 2016 - Jan 15th, 2021
  7. tetunte

    Employer not longer wants to hire me

    But what happens to the application that is in progress, is canceled?
  8. tetunte

    Employer not longer wants to hire me

    Close LMIA
  9. tetunte

    processing time with priority code PPCHANGEWORK2020

    No flag point is allowed at this time since is not considered as essential travel
  10. tetunte

    Work Permit With LMIA Delay

    I applied on August 18, 2020 (Biometrics waived), the status shows in progress.
  11. tetunte

    Employer not longer wants to hire me

    Hello everyone, I applied for a work permit inside Canada in August this year (I have a student visa valid until December 2020). But now my potential employer doesn't want to hire me. What happens with my application? is going to be cancelled? or ask me to leave Canada? Thank you for your help
  12. tetunte

    Can you bring your spouse even if you are only at an ESL program?

    If you are studying at the University an ESL Program (2 years program) can you bring your spouse with open work permit. or this is only for students of post-secondary education.
  13. tetunte

    Bringing spouse as an international student

    If you are studing English as Second Language at the University (1 year program) can you bring your spouse. or this is only for people that are studing a post-secondary education?
  14. tetunte

    Families affected by change of law about age of dependents

    We are trying to identify the families to find out what can we do. This apply to all the families that were affected by the change of law from August 2014 to October 2017.
  15. tetunte

    Familias afectadas por cambio de Edad Dependientes

    Todas las Familias que tiene hijos que no pudieron formar parte de su aplicacion a residencia, particularmente de Agosto 2014 a Octubre 2014. Estamos tratando de unirnos para ver que podemos hacer para ayudar a nuestros hijos.
  16. tetunte

    Changes to dependent child age and my situation

    The law is already made, only waiting for the star date to be applied. (the consultation finished many months ago) So in your case, you only need to wait. After October 24th your mother can applied for the permanent residence and add you as a dependent child since you are going to be 21 on...
  17. tetunte

    Applying for Jobs in Canada before landing

    I traveled Canada in August 2016 to get my PR Card, and left the country. Started to look for a job using sites as indeed.ca and others. Finally in January received a response from a person working in a public institution in Regina, that eventually helped me to get a job interview as an IT...
  18. tetunte

    How long is notarization of parent's marriage certificate good for?

    I dont think there is a requirement , I used in my process documents that were translated and notarized years before my application (birth certificates, my own marriege certificate, etc)
  19. tetunte

    which grade my child is going to attend

    thank you, I think the same, grade 7 would be better.