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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi, I know you are referencing me back to a previous question I asked with a different topic. Both topics are legit because I am helping friends with their applications. Hope I didn't violate forums by not saying I was helping or asking for someone. That being said your information was helpful...
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    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi, Came to Canada Sept 2010 but left went back home June 2012. Got my PR to Canada via skilled program. What steps do I need to take to renew or get back into Canada? My PR card expired in 2015 and as I said I haven't been back to Canada since I left 2012. thank you
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    Unaccompanied Minor entering Canada

    Help! My 13 year old daughter got approved for PR but I won't be able to go back to my country to get her. Can she travel by herself to Canada and I meet her at port of entry? Thank you
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    What does JN 19, 2017 means?

    Is JN, January or June? It was stamped in my passport
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    Got laid off but have a dependent Sponsorship ongoing!

    Do I need to let Immigration Canada know that I got laid off even though I don't need a min income to sponsor my child? Thank you
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    Sponsoring Dependent Child

    So because Im a new PR and have no current removal order, my answer should be No? Thank you
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    Sponsoring Dependent Child

    Hi, So I was sponsored by my wife to come to Canada last year. On her sponsorship I brought my older daughter with me but I left my younger one. I was ordered to leave Canada back in 1995 because I had overstayed my visitor visa. Now I am filling my forms to sponsor my younger daughter but on...