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    Land border crossing with Citizenship certificate

    I am an American and Canadian citizen. I just became a Canadian citizen very recently. I need to travel between US and Canada frequently. By land, not by air. For land border crossing, can I return to Canada with my USA passport and Canadian citizenship certificate?
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    Update: my card sent today, 5/18. Good luck to all applicants who are still waiting!
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    My application started "in progress" on May 2, now it has been 11 days. No further update. My son applied at the same time, decision made like right away and card sent immediately. How long does it take to process a case? Is still normal? Should I be worried? I have lots of travel but still I...
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    We got AOR already for two applications. One application is for my kid, and the decision was made right after AOR. (May 4, 2021) The other application is for myself, and it shows still processing. (already 66 days) We sent the applications together. Is it normal to process differently even...
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    PR Card Renewal Form

    I have two questions about how to fill the form. 1. How to put the assessment period? If I apply May 2, 2021, the assessment period would be from May 2, 2016 to May 2, 2021 or May 1, 2021? One day before the application date? Right? 2. I have many same day trips to the USA? Does it count as...
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    My application received on Feb 26 (postal tracking), not even heard a word yet. Worried.
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    Need PRTD to return if from USA?

    I will be staying in Seattle (USA) for a few months and will return to Vancouver (Canada). I will drive back to Vancouver. My PR card expired, but I work in Canada and meet the residency requirement. Do I need to apply for PRTD in Seattle? Can I return to Canada with an expired PR card?
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    Thank you. Good to know we are in the same boat. Will keep update.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    I don't know which office. How to know the assigned office? I don't link app to my account. But I check the status online and it shows nothing.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    Application received on Feb. 26, 2021 (postal tracking), but not received AOR yet? Worried.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2021

    Our application received 26 Feb, too. Have you got any update yet? I don't hear anything so far. Worried.
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    Pre-Paid Self-Addressed Envelope from USA

    I live in USA. I got the following message from CIC that my PR visa is ready. It asks me to send a copy of my passport, photos, and "self addressed" envelope. It says: If you have a mailing address in the U.S.A.: - The Self-Addressed pre-paid envelope should be arranged with a courier...
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    PR Card Photo Taken Outside Canada

    I just landed in Canada Nov. 28. I got an issue with my PR card photo and was required by CIC to retake the photo. But I am living in the United States. Can the photo be taken outside Canada?
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    PR record not reflected in the system?

    I called CIC today and they said my son does not show as a PR in the system. We landed together on the same day. So, they took my son's information and said that should reflect the change in a week. Has anyone have the same issue before? Weird. How could there be such a mistake???
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    PR Card Taken Outside Canada

    I called CIC and the representative told me that my pr photo should be retaken. They just sent me a link by email about the photo information and where to send the photo. I have two questions: 1. I am living in the United States. Can I have the photo taken in the United States and send to CIC...
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    PR card mailed in one envelope or separate?

    I am expecting 3 PR cards, one for myself (as the applicant) and two for my families (as dependents). I am wondering whether the 3 PR cards will be mailed in one envelope under my name, or separate envelopes for each card? Any experience?
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    Share Your Experience: How Long Does It Take to Receive PR Card After Landing?

    I landed on Nov. 28, 2015. The officer at the customs told me I should receive my PR card in 6 six weeks. But I am still waiting..... How long does it take to get the card after landing? Any experience? Should I contact CIC now? If so, how? Also, does CIC mail all the cards in one envelope...
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    RCMP document upload

    I tried to upload my RCMP record as requested by CIC. What is the "document number"? I guess it is the file number. The format of the file number of the RCMP letter is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X. It is 19 digits followed by a space and then a number. If I include the space, then the CIC system does...
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    FBI Contact Number

    Anyone knows FBI's phone number to inquire about my criminal report status? I tried to google it but found no useful information. Anyone can help? Thanks
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    HELP! FBI Report Delayed Further

    FBI has not charged my credit card. I am just afraid that my fingerprints may be rejected. I had another fingerprint collection for another purpose yesterday. My fingerprints were collected in the same manner (at the same police station) as the one I submitted to FBI. But I emailed my...