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    Super Visa 2021

    I submitted only current 2021 T4 My parents had a couple of Canada transit visas. When travelling from US to home, they had transited via Toronto a couple of times. So they had a UCI number and some history with Canada IRCC Not sure if that helped in speedy determination
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    Super Visa 2021

    A quick update from me: My parents had applied on 2nd Feb using old IRCC portal (GCKey login). I was worried after reading posts on this forum that the application might be stuck. However my parents received biometric on 3rd Feb (next day). They did their biometric on 14th. They had already done...
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    Super Visa 2021

    I should have seen this thread earlier. I applied for my parent's supervisa on 2nd feb on cic portal. I received biometric letter on feb3rd and they are planning to finish it in next few days. Reading these threads seems the cic portal visas are not processed? Is this correct?
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    Change in PCC format by consulate. How to contact IRCC to inform the change?

    Hello Marez I was given a letter by Hungarian consulate in toronto confirming that they only provide an electronic copy and not original. I scanned that letter as page one and then scanned remaining pages. At the time consular officer had mentioned that they have informed IRCc multiple times...
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    Don’t panic. If you don’t see an update in next few weeks, then contact CIC.
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    September 2018 AOR - join here

    congratulations! I had done road travel back in September. The rules have changed quite a lot. Better check canada.ca website for latest rules
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    EE profile is pending after creation

    one of my colleague had submitted his profile beginning of February and it still is in Pending status. He missed the last CEC draw because of that. He got an update from IRCC that to restrict the number of people in pool for that massive draw, profiles had been left in status pending for...
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    I had answered similar question in a post here: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/steps-to-export-the-vehicle-from-usa-to-canada.528187/page-13#post-9001393 Hope this helps
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    Pls mention the name of good immigration consultants In India

    When you actually apply for PR, you need to have your IELTS result and WES evaluation available with you. You will be required to enter the IELTS marksheet number and WES evaluation record number in the application. The score calculator is a tool where you can enter your actual details if you...
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    Pls mention the name of good immigration consultants In India

    - $12960 (single person), $16135 (+ dependent) this is not exactly the expense you will incur. This is the amount you need to show in your bank account at the time of application submission and at the time of entry in Canada. This is your amount and stays with you. You don't pay this to any agency.
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    Pls mention the name of good immigration consultants In India

    An immigration consultant is of no use for "but still need to brush up in order to work efficiently in an organization. " You will end up wasting your money. I dont know the documents you have with you and the ones that you dont. So really cant comment how much you need to shell out. A ballpark...
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    Pls mention the name of good immigration consultants In India

    @psahu1207 since you have done masters from US and have worked there for a few years, I am assuming: 1. You have basic computer skills 2. English language skills 3. You are familiar with immigration process - at least the fundamentals of immigration I will strongly suggest you fill out forms by...
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    simplified trade solutions. I think I paid some 35USD. It took a few hours to get the ITIN. It was fairly simple process. As I said, I just followed whatever was mentioned in that video as I found it very simple to follow. Bless the lady who made that video!
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Hi, I followed instructions in this video. It worked for me. I was very confused when I started searching initially on how to export. This video helped me a lot. It is very detailed. Hopefully it will help you as well. Broadly the sequence is: 1. get ITIN 2. inform the US CBP border post...
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    I was in same situation. I did soft landing in Jan 2020 and moved in Sept 2020. I drove to Canada and did not ship it through a shipper. However household stuff was shipped by a shipper from USA. Car was in my name, my wife was primary applicant. As far as I understand, the goods to follow list...
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    September 2018 AOR - join here

    wow, worth the wait!!
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    Ray of Hope - 165th Draw - All Programs

    you can submit all the way up to the point draw happens. System sorts profiles in descending order of score. You profile should be valid and submitted at this time.
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    What are the chances of Express Entry denial?

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    Kindly advise this is real or fake

    There is a reason why these kind of emails are so poorly written and sound so similar. Here is an article that kind of explains the philosophy behind this https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/82814/secretly-smart-reason-scam-emails-are-poorly-written