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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    AR- 19 March 2018 AOR- 18 April 2018 Medical Requeat- 25 march 2019 Pre arival- 26 march2019 Passport request - may 8 2019 Passport received- june4 2019 Decision made- June 7 2019 Got passport and copr back - june 11 2019 Mpnp Gonna do falgpolling this weekend at land border. Good luck all!
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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    I got an update, i have received an email requesting passport, on may 8 which i have seen only on yesterday.They sent the mail to the email i put on paper application instead of one on the cic profile.Almost crossed the 30 days time limit, hopefully it will be fine.Tricky part is there is no...
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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    You will get it soon, sometime next month. All are on the same processing timeframe of 15-19 months with the exception of some peoples; I have a friend who got the passport call in 13 months.I also have read some post here about some people waiting in their 21st month or something. Best thing is...
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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    I have shared my timeline above ; Am MPNP inland
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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    Application received- 19 march 2018 Aor- 18 april 2018 Medical reuest- 25 march 2019 Pre arrival- 26 March 2019 Inland.
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    MPNP 2017

    Mine Eoi -sep 20 Laa- sep 26 Submitted- Oct 09 Received -oct10 Assesment pending-Oct 21
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Hay guys, I got my work permit approval email today ..march 30th. I studied 1 year graduate certificate and a normal trade certificate(i extended my study permit for this) and got the permit for 3 years. My name was given twice on work permit(like steyn smith steyn smith) as i have given the...
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Applied on feb 18th, got the message application got submitted on 20th.Still waiting. Room mate applied on feb 9th and he got on march 24th.Hope i will get on this week.
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    Study permit extension after certificate course.

    You can apply for an extension, usually recommended 30 days before expiry.(I have done 25 days before expiry, still no issues). You should apply for an extension before expiry of your study permit and can do whatever u want within the conditions of your study permit, even if you go into an...
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    1 year or 2 year?

    Take a 1 year course in MB or SK.U can save a lot of money in fees with small risk.
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    From Kerala

    :D ;D
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    MPNP 2017

    They are working on new MPNP renewal and will only announce it in early 2017, most probably in april/may. 500CAD application fees for those who get the invitation, from the expression of interest pool More preference to the canditate who are having Manitoba in-demand job/ job offer...
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    MPNP 2017

    Yep, I did :)I will post it, if i get a reply. Thanks Kingskid.. :)
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    MPNP 2017

    Hay all, I studied 1 year program in ontsrio and moved to manitoba to take other 1 year course to get 3 yr WP as well to get the pr easily.My question is, does the -100 points for a job which is done outside the province manitoba have to full time, as i have done part time job...
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    3 year work permit after doing 2 one-year certificate courses

    Hey all, a quick update.. I got my study permit extended 2 months back for a normal certificate program after a PG program even in another province.I have some seniors who have done the same and will graduate in this august, so will let u know if we will get 3 years work permit.. :)
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    Extend Study Permit - Proof of Funds

    Hey, for extending a study permit, there is no need to hire an agent or lawyer.Moreover don't trust agents also.It's very easy..u may have workshop classes in college or can ask some help from your friends who have done the same.I have extended mine on march 1st week and i shown a proof of...
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    Partially fake experience certificate.

    Some of my friends has submitted fake experience with employers support and they got the study permit.Don't know what will happen in future for pr and all.Still it would be better not to provide any fake documents..i guess.
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    Study Permit Approved, what's next?

    You don't need to exit..when did u applied for extension?how many days it took to get the final decision..
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    Question regarding study permit extension

    Thank You.. I had applied by myself, but a problem occured.I forgot to put the apartment and building number to which the study permit has to be sent(don't know how can i be so dumb).Is there any way i can notify them regarding this.Anyone?