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    apartment rental in Mississauga

    What do 1bed/1bath apartments go for in downtown toronto and GTA generally?
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    Fellow seniors For those living in Ontario, specifically the GTA area, please can you share your experience with regards to Rent Car purchase Car Insurance Cell phone plans Common Pitfalls to Avoid How you went finding a job in your field(withing Canada or before you got there) Place of...
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    Is Hiring an Immigration Lawyer better than Working on your own?

    Each persons case is different. For my PR process I did it myself and it worked fine.When I needed to apply for a PRTD, I used a law firm in Canada while I was based in the US. It worked out just fine as well.
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    Address in PR card Application

    Hi Madhu Congrats on the job offer and your upcoming move. If you don't mind me asking, what was your job search process like? Did you do your interviews online? Skype? Just trying to get a sense of how companies deal with that. Thanks
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    Form IMM 1294

    ple please send the form to me, email add is thanks
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    Error in myCIC. Error loading Status table: 502 Bad Gateway

    That seems to pretty much the case, I have tried different browsers on different devices at different times of the day. Its a frustrating situation but oh well
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    Error in myCIC. Error loading Status table: 502 Bad Gateway

    Well its been more than 24 hours for me and I checked today and I still the same thing
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    Got an ITA. Where should I get a 50mm * 70mm picture taken in the US?

    If you are in NC, checkout You can get it done there
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    Error in myCIC. Error loading Status table: 502 Bad Gateway

    do we need to report a technical issue or are they aware of this? because its been more than 24 hours now
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    Re-entering US on valid i94

    At some point HR will revoke it, unless maybe you came to some agreement that would enable you to stay for some time even though you wouldnt be getting paid. Like I mentioned earlier, for something like this, your best bet would be to reach out to a lawyer. As for the i94, you can always check...
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    Re-entering US on valid i94

    When your employment is terminated, your HR will revoke the H1B visa petition. Employment termination date and visa revocation date can be different. H1B status ends at employment termination date NOT visa revocation date. USCIS will work at its own pace. If you want to grab your things, get...
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    401K, US Stocks and US Bank Accounts

    I am keeping my US bank accounts open, as for 401K, I am leaving it as is because the company that employs me will manage it for free even after I leave Each persons case will be different, just need to talk to your bank and investment firm and tell them your situation and they will give you...
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    Before you physically did the actual import/export. How long did this process which you went through take? I am trying to determine when to go through mine and how far I need to do it before leaving for Canada
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    Work remotely from Canada for US Employer

    Hey, I wanted to find out a bit more about your situation as I am considering something similar Do you still get your US income in your US account or do you do something else? Are you still treated as an employee or an independent contractor? Were your colleagues and boss receptive to your...
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    Is there a feasible way of working with US employer in Canada, with/without H1b?

    Yes, you can work for a US employer if you are in Canada, but it will be without the H1B
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    US Residents(on H1/L1/F1/H4/GC EB2, EB3) in CIC Express Entry Pool connect here

    I did send mine across the border using fedex and it was fine. You'll have to fill out some custom forms info and chances are your package might get an extra look but it should be fine, thats how I did mine. This is just my experience, yours might differ
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    Visitor VISA to US

    You might want to ask a US consulate that question as they would be your best bet. As a side bar, you indicated you had live in the USA on H1 for over 10 years, didnt your company apply for US green card for you?
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    Will my H1B be revoked once I leave my current employer in US to move to CA?

    Hi francaispourquebec I am glad you found the information useful, it is certainly a dilemma trying to figure out if to stay in hopes of US green card while on H1B or just be content with what you’ve gotten in Canada. My company did release an FAQ just recently concerning the executive order on...
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    Will my H1B be revoked once I leave my current employer in US to move to CA?

    I wish you the best of luck, let me know how it turns out
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    Will my H1B be revoked once I leave my current employer in US to move to CA?

    Your wifes situation would certainly be a challenge, but I guess you would also have to factor in how much time you have left on your H1B. Has your company started the green card process for you yet? You indicated that you have a potential employer in Canada, if everything works out then it...