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  1. AlgCad0218

    What’s the longest Outland processing time you have seen so far ?

    Yes after 16,5 months we were approved in early July and my husband landed a few weeks after. No interview was requested, we will never know what stalled our application !
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    Yes your wife should send you the original document (some people have successfully used scanned copies). You might have to show your CSQ when you land. I have sent all CSQ copies to my husband.
  3. AlgCad0218

    Statements from Friends/Family Question

    On my application I only photocopied greeting cards for our wedding and did not include IDs. I helped my uncle with his application and wrote a letter for him. I included my ID but it’s not even suggested by IRCC.
  4. AlgCad0218

    Medical exam validity extension for additional 12 months (new CIC Bulletin)

    My medical was extended in May and we received PPR after more than 5 months in security screening.
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    Oh ok, I was from February 2018. I hope you get a reply more quickly than I!
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    Thank you, I hope you will get an answer soon
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    Hey guys, I have finally got PPR on my February 21st, 2018 application :) I am so happy that this ordeal has come to an end !
  8. AlgCad0218

    2017 Applicant Still Waiting

    Our file will be a year and a half on August 21st, everything is completed except for the security check. We’re not supposed to be interviewed. It’s incredibly long ! Have you contacted your MP ?
  9. AlgCad0218

    Common-law sponsor - Chance to go back to University

    What you are describing would in no way hurt your application. It’s not social assistance/welfare.
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    Why don't they hire more people to handle immigration cases?

    Although I agree that it takes far too long to be reunited with our spouse, the problem is not hiring more agents. There is a huge turnover for this job, part of the problem is that new agents lack training and experience. They are processing cases less quickly. Often times their superiors also...
  11. AlgCad0218

    Mistakes on previous application

    Write an explanation letter to IRCC right away. Proxy marriages are not accepted as valid. Your photos will probably show that you were present but I wouldn’t take any chances and I would send them a webform.
  12. AlgCad0218

    I sponsored my conjugal partner and got her Visa, she came to Canada to lived together but , change

    I’m so sorry for your experience. You can contact IRCC if you think she had fraudulent intentions but they might never act on it.
  13. AlgCad0218

    Does the sponsor fill out the imm5669e also?

    Principal applicant only, it is used for the background check. The sponsor won’t go through that step so there’s no need to fill it.
  14. AlgCad0218

    Settling questions relating to health and work

    They have become residents but the OP talks about residing in the US and qualifying for provincial health insurance.
  15. AlgCad0218

    Settling questions relating to health and work

    You can’t have health insurance in Canada if you are not a resident.
  16. AlgCad0218

    Fastest Approval

    I’m happy for those whose files have been processed quickly. However I can’t help wondering why files that have been sent more than a year after mine have already been processed. It’s very confusing.
  17. AlgCad0218

    other relative sponsorship

    As a registered nurse, you can probably apply though a skilled workers immigration stream.
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    My MP contacted CIC and she told me that they were supposed to review my file on June 28. But I think it’s some kind of due date for security. I cannot be sure either ways, so i’ll Have to wait and see.
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    I hope that this is our case, but we have not yet seen any ghost updates on our CIC account. But they are supposed to review my file (whatever that means) towards the end of June. I’d really love for our file to be completed soon because we don’t have the means to go on summer holidays this year.