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  1. s23srinivas

    Super Visa stamping from a different country than the applied one

    I directly submitted the passport with the original letter at UAE and got the visa stamped within 2 days then. Please check the turn around time nowadays.
  2. s23srinivas

    My mother's passport was not stamped on entry on supervisa

    If passport was not stamped on entry then your mother can stay for 2 years from the date of entry. Nearing the 2 year mark, she can then ask for extension to stay longer.
  3. s23srinivas

    Visa approved in US but applicant went back to Home Country

    You can submit the passport in India for getting the visa stamped. I had a similar situation where I had applied for a super visa in India for my mother but submitted the passport in Dubai when she got the request for stamping. So I dont think you will have a problem if you submit the passport...
  4. s23srinivas

    Please confirm URL to apply for visitor visa

    That's right. All the best.
  5. s23srinivas

    Mandamus? I’m a June 2018 applicant waiting for the test.

    Reach out to the news channels. Apparently there are many such cases including PRs who are in Canada waiting for years to get the Oath invite. About 10 days back there was an article aired on national tv. Not a guaranteed medium to get a reply but I don't think it would hurt to reach out. All...
  6. s23srinivas

    Bringing Medicines to Canada with Visit Visa

    My experience with my parents visits since past many years. Normal diabetes/BP medications involved to set the context of my reply. The website states 3 months but the reality is that people travel with more medications and it's well known to the border agents as well. If the volume of...
  7. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    That's an interesting change then since 2020 when I did it. Cant predict BLS :)
  8. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    Based on my experience submission is of the photocopy of Canadian passport while they sometimes verify with the original passport depending on their mood. So keeping it handy helps.
  9. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    Yes both can be done at one go.
  10. s23srinivas

    Super Visa 2021

    I believe this would be about the medical not being received at the time of the webform update as the biometric receipt gets reflected within a day or two on your application status when you log into the website. Did you check your account to see what it displays?
  11. s23srinivas

    Super Visa 2021

    May I know what happens to the fees paid for the old application that did not get anywhere due to which you started a new application using the new site/portal?
  12. s23srinivas

    Super Visa 2021

    By going for a pre-medical test, we are only saving the time for us to receive a notice from ircc to get the medicals done. Some people have reported getting the notice within few days and some have waited for a bit longer to get the notice for medicals. So, no clear cut indication if it would...
  13. s23srinivas

    Super Visa 2021

    You can get their pre medical done. Since it is done by only a few approved panel of doctors, the results get sent directly from the panel and you don't have to worry on that front.
  14. s23srinivas

    Super Visa 2021

    You can do the medical upfront. You may get more information about where to get it based on your parent's country of residence using https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/medical-exams/requirements-temporary-residents.html All the best!
  15. s23srinivas

    Super Visa stamping from a different country than the applied one

    Thanks for your reply. The family information of her application already has my father as deceased. So if my understanding is correct, below is the sequence to be followed: Send a Webform to request passport stamping from another country, in this case UAE. Wait for reply with a new request...
  16. s23srinivas

    Super Visa stamping from a different country than the applied one

    Hi, I had applied online for a super visa for my mother (Indian passport holder). At the time of the application she was in India. Since my father passed away, my sibling who resides in UAE took her along and currently she is in UAE on a visitor visa as she was alone. Today she received the...
  17. s23srinivas

    should i apply from home country or from country of stay

    Since you are living and working in Kuwait, it is better to apply from there. Chances of approving or rejecting a study permit application usually doesn't get impacted by the location but more on other factors. All the best.
  18. s23srinivas

    Visitor Visa extension is approved but no medical has been requested

    Can you please tell what status updates did you receive since your extension application? I have recently applied for my parents and the account shows Confirmation of Online Application Transmission and Submission Confirmation. Any idea approximately when can I hear next from IRCC if things are...
  19. s23srinivas

    Visitor Extension and Visitor visa expiry date relationship

    Thanks. Appreciate the quick response as always!