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  1. h1b2pr

    Agents for IT jobs in Vancouver

    Does anyone know a good agent who have contacts in Vancouver and can help in getting an IT job (2173) there? I do not have work authorization and I live in US and can travel to Vancouver when required.
  2. h1b2pr

    SINP new EOI system July 2018

    Looks likes SINP is coming up with new or rather updated EOI system. I have few questions, I have Masters in Computer Applications but the On demand skills says If your Bachelor's degree is in Engineering, you must apply to the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of...
  3. h1b2pr

    Start-up VISA for mere investors

    I was wondering if anyone has already got this answered. As per eligibility requirements of Start-up VISA, it states that founders with 10% stake in the startup are eligible to apply for startup visa. My question is, if one of the founders of a startup is only an investor and has not provided...
  4. h1b2pr

    Suggest a diploma with just GED certificate (high school)

    Hi, my wife is looking towards studying in Canada. She dropped out of school somewhere in 9th class (in India). Later in US, recently she completed her GED which is high school equivalent in US. Not sure canada would consider it at all. Her english ability is good and could score more than 6...
  5. h1b2pr

    LMIA job offer from US

    Has anyone in this entire world was able to get an LMIA approved job offer in NOC 2174 from US in the past one year? If yes, please let help us. It helps me to decide whether we should even think of pursuing it.
  6. h1b2pr

    Finding a job in Canada from the US

    Hi, I'm a Lead/Senior .NET Developer/Architect with 15+ years experience in IT. Out of which, 10 years I worked as a consultant in US with various clients. Now I want to know, how easy or difficult is it to find a job in Canada (any city)? Has anyone was able to get a job from US without landing...
  7. h1b2pr

    Job Match NOC and profile NOC do not match

    Hi, I created this Job seeker account in Jobbank yesterday. I added all my experience using just one NOC. And when I go check the dashboard, I see some jobs listed but they all belong to different NOC. My entire experience is in NOC 2174 but it lists the jobs that are NOC 0213. Any idea, what...
  8. h1b2pr

    Missing Express entry profile

    Hi, I filled an express entry profile last month but haven't submitted. It was just saved but whole application was completed. I thought of submitting it today but when I log in I don't see the profile. Its missing. Does the system delete profiles that were not submitted, periodically? Has...
  9. h1b2pr

    Magic Number IELTS 8777

    I'm seeing a lot of folks not understanding the significance of IELTS score with L-8, R-7, W-7, S-7 or above. This IELTS score changes CRS drastically. Its a magic number Use this to see the difference For example, A CRS with IELTS...
  10. h1b2pr

    Future Invitation rounds CRS predictions

    Here is mine, share your thoughts. Total target for 2017 EE : 73,700 ITAs given in first 4 months Jan-April 2017 : 35,973 Which mean almost half of the required target is already issued. (of course how many will accept the ITAs and get PRs can be ignored for the moment) Now, with 8 more...
  11. h1b2pr

    ECA- WES - Academic transcripts - Osmania university

    Hi, I'm starting this group to discuss about ECA related issues. I'm starting with a question I was trying to get it done through Cleartransctips, and they are little vague in providing information on the website or in the mail. They asked me to send original certificates as well. Can any one...
  12. h1b2pr

    Finding Jobs in IT

    I'm creating this forum for discussion of finding jobs in Canada. Especially from US while on h1b in IT. If anyone got successful getting one please add your story here.
  13. h1b2pr

    Start-up Visa Connection

    I'm creating this new thread for all like minds to connect here. Everyone is an entrepreneur, one just needs to see it. If you have an idea and got the skills to work on something, you can connect with other like minds and build something that is valuable. Or probably someone has an idea and...