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    COPR and coronavirus

    Yes... they even asked me to show photo of his passport
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Air canada .. my husband is permanent resident in canada.. they are allowing copr holders with pr or citizen spouse in canada
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Landed successfully yesterday at vancouver airport from new delhi with copr ... ..
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Pps let us inform .. my flight is on 21st march...
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    Active TB

    Hey.. ... i just wanna confirm do they ask for afb culture again after completion of treatment as you have already given samples two times already in between your treatment... !!
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    ... my friend is facing the same prblm.. how can he now get out of all these prblms.. ?
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    Pulmonary Tuberculosis(Active/Inactive)-History,Sputum Tests,6 mos medication...

    i had given my sputum samples 25 days ago only.. nd now doc is calling me again to meet him ... i m so worried.. do anyone had such experience before ?
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    Additional medical tests required

    Did ur wife cleared all the medical tests later ?? Nd how much delay one should expect in the overall .. !! We are facing the same situation.. really worried.. !!
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    Medical furtherance letter and visa filing.

    Have u cleared with ur medicals now ?? What is the whole procedure of these sputums tests nd all.. how much delay one should expect ?