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    Flying to Toronto this summer'19? Lets connect!

    Hi All, This is regarding the declaration of proof of funds at the time of landing. Do we need to, 1. Declare the proof of funds at the time of landing as we did at the time of application. 2. Can we show bank account statements from the bank back home as the proof of funds. 3. Is there any...
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    December AOR 2017 - join here.

    Hi Andy, please add me to the group. PM'd you. Dec 2nd AOR.
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    After graduation internship in Canada

    I will add the experience. Its in line with the same noc code for my application so even if I dont get any points it supports the chosen occupation in Canada.
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    After graduation internship in Canada

    Hello friends, I have worked with a company in Canada for 3 months on PGWP status as paid internship. I also have the payslips for the same. Will this experience be considered under work experience in express entry ?
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    Technology missing in Job Bank

    They seem to be listed under NOC 2171
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    Certificate of Qualification required?

    You wont loose points. I updated mine to "NO" and it is still the same points.