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    PR renewal - Address history and travel history

    If the travel involved a stay at a hotel then there is no need to include it. But if there was a proper residential address involved, then yes.
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    Job hunt strategy - what worked for you?

    Some great points have already been made but here are my two cents: 1.Customize your resume to the job description. Add in some keywords but don't overdo it. 2.Attend job fairs. 3.Create/update your linkedin profile and connect with recruiters. 4.Create a list of your top 20 preferred companies...
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    CCB (Canada Child Benefit) application declined... Please help!

    It's going to be almost 2 months since you heard from them. In my experience, they usually respond within a month.
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    CCB (Canada Child Benefit) application declined... Please help!

    Giving them a call is a good idea but you may also want to read this (click on the 3rd topic):
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    Here's my timeline: 1.Application package sent on Oct 7 and received on Oct 9. 2.Ack received on Nov 1. 3.Processing started on Nov 1. 4.Approved on Nov 4 and the card received on Nov 7. Looks like it followed pretty much the timeline posted.
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    Travel History Additional Pages

    I did the latter in my application.
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    Processing fees

    hello everyone, sorry if this has already been answered before. for how long is the fee receipt valid? I plan to apply only next month but would like to pay the fees now to print the receipt and prepare the application package. Also, should I send application for self and spouse as part of a...
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    Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

    Although the form asks you to put the local Canadian address if you are a PR, there is no hard and fast rule. You can put your home country address too, and they seem to be fine with it.
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    Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

    I got a passport renewed at BLS Brampton center recently and here's my experience: firstly, I didn't know BLS existed so I contacted the consulate and they promptly replied and asked me to show up at BLS. I filled all the documents (refer to their checklist) listed on the BLS site and submitted...
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    May applications for TRV

    After about a week, there is no status update. The only thing I see are the two emails that say application transmitted and application submitted. Is this normal?
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    May applications for TRV

    Applied online on May 18th. The current processing time is 24. Will wait and see what happens.
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    My Canadian Banking Experience: BMO, RBC and TD

    A few months into the Canadian banking system, here's my little story: so I applied for a credit card at BMO and they didn't bother to get back. After a month when I called them they said all they can do is provide a secured card. When I asked why I wasn't notified earlier, they said they had no...
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    PR card renewal query

    Understood, thanks for the response.
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    PR card renewal query

    this question may have been asked a hundred thousand times but let me ask the hundred thousand and one'th time anyway: by the time I apply for a PR renewal I will have about 745 days balance. Now several posts here say this may not be good enough to avoid a secondary review. If I wait for lets...
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    PR card lost in Canada-India Canada post mail, experts please help

    My PR cards were posted to my friend in Canada as I was outside the country at that time. And he posted it to me (in the US) without a tracking number. The package simply vanished. I filed a complaint both on the US and the Canada post side and they tried to locate the package but couldn't. I...
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    Racism in Canada

    In my opinion there is no country that's free of racism. It all depends on the individual how s/he handles it and the effort s/he puts in trying to assimilate with the new surroundings, people, and society as a whole. In the US I have had supermarket cashiers wearing gloves just before billing...
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    IT Project Manager jobs

    and regarding your question whether you can try applying for jobs outside Canada, of course you can. I applied for jobs from outside Canada with an international number, and I got several interviews. I couldn't convert any of them to an offer but that's another story. But at-least I got...
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    IT Project Manager jobs

    welcome to the club. Here's my two cents: I recently went to a job fair in Toronto where several staffing agencies were present. There were five people in the queue standing in front of me, and to my utter surprise, all were looking for IT manager positions. It's apparent that there are several...
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    Movers from US to canada

    here's my experience: I asked for a quote from about 10 movers for a 300 mile across the border trip from the US to Canada. Some refused stating that the distance was too less and others quoted upwards of $6000. Finally I chose Flatrate since their quote was less than $2000. All items arrived...