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  1. nambaliya

    Visitor Visa - Passport submission to CVAC office - questions

    What did you do finally? Can we send passport via post?
  2. nambaliya

    How soon can I apply for Super visa for my parents after moving to Canada on PR?

    Is NOA must? Requirement says NOA or T4. Can't employer letter mentioning my salary and pay stubs be used to determine my eligibility for LICO.
  3. nambaliya

    How soon can I apply for Super visa for my parents after moving to Canada on PR?

    Hello All, I need a bit of advise about Super visa. Let me explain my case: Landed on PR with wife and kid on 03 October 2019. Started working from 04 November 2019. I want to apply for super visa for my parents. When can I apply for that? As per CIC website documents required are: 1. Letter...
  4. nambaliya

    PPR to COPR timeline

    1. No problem in the immigration. Landed at Pearson toronto. I came out of airport in 3 hours. 2. COPR validity was till 8th dec 2019. 3. No job offer when departed from home country. Hope this helps.
  5. nambaliya

    WES Masters & bachelors of Engineering from India

    No I did it in the UK. 1 year course.
  6. nambaliya

    Linking PR Card Application to track PR Card after Landing (Flagpole/Landing Interview) is complete

    I was using the one on the COPR and was not able to link. But after using as per GCMS it worked. Thanks.
  7. nambaliya

    Telephonic/Skype Interview

    I would probably wait and see if the vacancy I am interested in is available after I land. Don't want to be rejected just because I am not present in Canada now.
  8. nambaliya

    Telephonic/Skype Interview

    So that means I can not apply for jobs while in my home country. Damn it. Anyways thanks for the reply.
  9. nambaliya

    Telephonic/Skype Interview

    Hello All, I have received my COPR and I am landing on 3rd October. I have applied for a few jobs in my field and received a few calls but all the recruiters are saying we can not take telephonic/skype interview. Is this the case with others also? Why are canadian employers not using...
  10. nambaliya

    DL Extract with name change

    Should an affidavit be notarized?
  11. nambaliya

    DL Extract Surname expanded

    I am in the same situation. I have my father's name abbreviated in DL but in the passport it is expanded. I have only 1 months time before landing. Should I try getting it sorted out while I am here? DL Name: Firstname M Surname Passport Name: Firstname Middlename Surname Any help is greatly...
  12. nambaliya

    DL Extract with name change

    Any update guys? Did you all manage to use DL extract in Canada?
  13. nambaliya

    RPRF-Request to pay fees - message

    You received RPRF request on 19 July. GCMS ordered 10th July. GCMS matter is finalized on the day of request hence it would not capture RPRF and later development in your file. So have patience, you will receive PPR in a week or two.
  14. nambaliya

    RPRF-Request to pay fees - message

    You are very close to getting a PPR. Yous should receive it anytime now. Congratulations in advance.
  15. nambaliya

    DL extract to ON G license - complete experience

    I just got my DL extract from RTO in Pune. I am not sure if it will be accepted or not. It is printed on a plain paper. It has heading saying Motor Vehicle Department Government of Maharashtra, Deputy Regional Transport Office, Pimpri Chinchwad etc. It has all my details like name, DOB, Extract...
  16. nambaliya

    Which address and contact number to use while applying?

    I am in the exact same situation. The only difference is that I bought a virtual number for Canada from Sonetel. I was thinking that chances of getting a call will increase if an employer sees local number. But then I am going to land in November, if I have circulated resume and then I land then...
  17. nambaliya

    Markham area

    I am also in the similar situation. I am planning to move in november in Brampton or Markham. This post is really helpful. Following.
  18. nambaliya

    PPR to COPR timeline

    It is so nice of you to still be active in this forum. Normally people vanish as soon as they land in Canada. Keep it up mate.
  19. nambaliya

    PPR to COPR timeline

    Very detailed signature. This is how we all should write our signature/timeline so that we don't end up asking same questions again and again.