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    Family class spouse sponsor

    Like bian07 said, the app being in process and medicals being done does not equal success. Did your consultant not tell you what the risk is? At this point, your hope is NOT to receive a procedural fairness letter. Again, you will need a lawyer when your lie is discovered. Dump your useless...
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    Family class spouse sponsor

    I think the likelihood of IRCC figuring out your misrepresentation will depend on how old your 3 children with your common law spouse are. IMO, based on when they were born, you should be researching for a lawyer who may be able to help you if your misrepresentation is discovered because you may...
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    PRTD application while PRC renewal application is ongoing

    To add to what scylla said, if you and your family have been living outside of Canada for years by choice, I don’t see how best interests of child will be considered as H&C for you. I assume that you and your family have been safe from violence and covid-19 thus far and those 2 problems exist...
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    Googling gives you this: No, I will not disclose what we said. I think that to succeed, you must tell your own story which must be true regarding your circumstance.
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    Inland spousal sponsorship, health insurance options/pregnacy, biometrics for open work permit approval

    Have you tried community health centers? Free check ups for those with no OHIP yet. I went to one when I had a bad flu, this was back in 2017 when I first landed, but they helped me.
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    This is correct. My mother is on a TRV and arrived here on June 9. We had to email the president's email (publicly available) address who then forwarded our concern to BI who gave my mom the letter of authorization to leave the Philippines.
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    PR/coming to Canada/quarantine

    I think it is highly likely that the Act will still be in effect by July. The Philippines Covid numbers are climbing too so I don't see how you and your family will not be required to quarantine.
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    foreign marriage

    you do not have to be a citizen or permanent resident to have a valid marriage in Australia
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    Outland living in Canada - Pregnancy

    Just don't forget to apply for extension, I don't think you'll have any issues. Good luck and congratulations to you both, I wish your wife a pleasant pregnancy.
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    Outland living in Canada - Pregnancy

    Nothing wrong with applying for an extension a month before the 6 months expire, perfectly legal. Be prepared to spend at least 10,000 for a normal birth, 20,000 for caesarian and a whole lot more if there are any complications UNLESS she is covered by insurance.
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    so many questions...

    I don't know the extent of your wife's medical issues but unless she was unable to travel because she can not get treatment here/travelling will make her sicker/etc, that reason is weak. As for your case, you were not away from Canada because of your wife, you were away because you chose to work...
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    Moving to Canada but continuing to work in the U.S.

    You cannot move to Canada without becoming PR first. You can visit. You do not need to leave your job while your PR application is being processed. You do not need to leave your job even when you get your PR.
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    study and work permit for refugee claimant

    which is why the school worries me. If they checked your documents and IF they are AWARE that you do NOT have a study permit, why would they let you enroll? No proper school should be doing that. Also, domestic fees have nothing to do with how long you've been residing in the city, it has to do...
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    study and work permit for refugee claimant

    Agree with this. I'd also worry about the school and its credentials. I mean, all proper schools would have asked and ensured you have a valid study permit before allowing you to enroll.
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    Family class sponsorship

    he cannot sponsor you. an appeal will not help.
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    Accommodation question

    2000 is the average rent for a 1 bedroom. A lot more for a 2 bedroom. I am not sure how many people there are in your family but if you think this amount is outrageous (which it is but also an inescapable reality), my suggestion is for you to do more research so that you are not shocked when you...
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    Procedural Fairness Letter received - Respond

    The solution is to one of the group of 5 members be the one to provide housing/funds. Anyone not a member of the 5 (Farah) cannot be held legally liable for the refugee being sponsored.
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    Is Canadian Child Tax benefit retroactive?

    when did your kids move to Canada?
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    PR residency obligation

    There is still a chance you will be reported for not complying with RO, no one can say how likely that is. In my experience, my valid PR card was required for banks and to get a health card. You should go to the different banks websites to find out what ID they require. Yes, the PR card having...
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    RO not met, Want to enter Canada with spouse and child from US

    Why would you be separated during the appeal? You are a PR until you renounce or it is revoked, you WILL be allowed in. You can wait for your hearing while living in Canada. Again, you may want to research more as it seems you are overthinking it. You have not even been reported yet.