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    car import from USA; license exchange and registration

    U can check my previous posts on the docs required and steps. There are few missing for u when i check in one shot. Proof of no recall. For regn, license, insurance, safety inspection, form 1, RIV inspection form, RIV payment etc are required.
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    Exporting Car from USA

    There are 2 ways to export the car. 1. pay off the loan & get the title. 2. Get the letter from ur bank that they are ok with you shipping the car to canada (usually they wont give for permanent move).
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    Moving away from US after submitting my Express Entry PR application

    Nope, just raise a ticket providing the details and your destination travel and the address
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    Yea, that s true.. day time running light fix was a 60$ job in brampton (for a normal SUV) :-)
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    Project Manager/Remote Jobs

    For remote jobs, u have to be an individual contributor with good skill set (expert level in some tools or processes). PM cannot be a remote role. PMP certification is valued in canada.
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    Opening bank account before moving

    Why do you need to do that? You can come here, open the account and then transfer ur fund online.
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Cool.. Good to hear that...
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    Steps to export the vehicle from USA to Canada...

    Get the help from agent for that and pay 75$.
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    Hybris Tech Lead opening

    Bumping up....
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    Hybris Tech Lead opening

    Got this from a consultant.... Role: Hybris Technical Lead Location: Victoria, BC Duration: 8 months (approx.) We are looking for a Hybris Technical Lead to work on the Digital Experience Initiative Project. We are looking for a candidate that has recent Hybris development experience at...
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    Welcome kit/Benefits for immigrants?

    For new immigrants, you get furniture s for free/low cost. Search for furniturebank.
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    Change to Automatic Visa Re validation since Oct 2017 and Impact

    i didnt do AVR. It is mentioned that no application should be pending.
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    Change to Automatic Visa Re validation since Oct 2017 and Impact

    There are few conditions for AVR such as within 30 days, Only canada and mexico, i 797 approved, valid i94, no pending extension/amendment etc. Please check the website and ensure you satisfy all conditions...
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    Need some urgent information on Incorporation

    always check these things with tax agents...
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    Express entry profile mistake

    I think you are good...