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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    And how is he going to pay bills with Paypal?
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    The RBC account is the same account TD offers. BMO also offers a US account that you can open from Canada. I find TD the easiest.
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    No need to do all this if the poster simply opens a US TD based account. Transfers are refundable and show it within 2 hours. PayPal is risky. They treat you like a scammer and can freeze your account any time. Paypal is not a bank hence quite risky and arrogant since they don't have to abide...
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    What do you mean you can't transfer? I used to have a borderless account and you can definitely transfer the money. There is even a transfer option in your account. Anyway, get a TD account. You can transfer money from Canada to USA via visa direct (the number on US debit card). The fees for...
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    BTW, this is the account you need to open click choose your account and then click I am Canadian Resident.
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    No, it's not the borderless account. It's a real US bank account. I don't use it to pay bills, but to receive deposits, however, since this is a us bank it should't take more than 1-2 business days. I am not sure what you mean if you will be able to deposit money in Canada? Are you talking...
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    Paying US bills from Canada?

    You have the wrong account with TD. What you need it TD Convenience Checking US based bank account which can be opened in Canada over the phone or online. You will need a minimum of $US 100 balance to avoid monthly fees and from there you can pay all your US bills online. I have this...
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    Survival jobs - $15/ hour

    $31,200 full time doing minimum wage job $25,448 income after taxes. Take home pay $490 a week more or less.
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    Need advice from Seniors like Leon etc.,

    Are you kidding me? Getting laid off for "services not needed" is perfectly legal. Should millions of other Canadians sue because they lost their jobs for similar reasons? Seriously?
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    New Immigrants : Buying Home Vs. Rental

    How do you plan applying for a mortgage without any credit history in Canada? Please tell me your secret.
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    Being a Pensioner

    Actually, once you reach 65, you would not be on welfare. You would be on basic pension + Income supplement which these days is around $1300 a month if you don't have any other income. ... and to be perfectly honest, yes you can live okay on that money, but probably not in Toronto. Hamilton...
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    Is it worth being bilingual in Canada!

    Here is the deal. If you are going to be living in Toronto, then you will definitely have a huge advantage if you speak both English and French fluently. Expect to be paid a lot more (50%++) if you are bilingual. I am speaking for customer service related and office jobs. However, I do know...
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    First time home buyer - having owned a home somewhere else in the world

    So you are saying that you helped investors qualify as first time home buyers? I am sure you understand this is fraud? Are you also suggesting that I should subsidize your clients from India who own several houses with my taxes? Some advice you are giving on this forum. Frankly, I think you...
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    First time home buyer - having owned a home somewhere else in the world

    You are asking how to commit a federal crime on a public forum. Be concerned about your IP being investigated.
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    Applying for Child benefits (UCCB & CCTB) after landing ?

    May I add that this is a fraud extremely easy to catch as CRA is directly linked to CBSA and is aware every time you leave the country.
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    Is it still worth emigrating to Canada from the UK?

    Let me reiterate this once again. Healthcare in Quebec is hideous. I had an uncle who went for a surgery there and almost died of mold poisoning. Healthcare in Quebec is 2 tier, private and government. Expect to be on a huge waiting list in a government hospital. Family doctors don't exist...
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    Average costs of things besides rent in toronto ?

    Actually, electricity is not included in most high rise condos. However, it is mostly included in Apartment buildings.
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    Is it still worth emigrating to Canada from the UK?

    There are no jobs in Canada and moving to a new country at 51? It's suicide. Be aware that healthcare in Quebec is hideous and can not be compared to a quality healthcare that NHS provides. That money you save on the house will be eaten by other things. Canada IS expensive. Why don't you go...
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    Sponsoring Companies???

    Amazing.... truly amazing. no wonder scamming people is such a big success. BTW, I can guarantee you a LMO for cheaper. pls contact me