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  1. tanviraslam

    Canadian PR - Work Abroad

    Hey Guys, So I have already gotten my PR landing in August 2019, I was planning on relocating to Canada in the coming months, however with the COVID-19 situation it probably seems better that I should wait for sometime. Lets say tomorrow if travel does open, it seems that we are also going...
  2. tanviraslam

    CACHE LEVEL 3 diploma for IQAS

    Hey so we got the WES Report back for CACHE Level 3 Diploma, they came back saying that it was equivalent to a College Level Certificate that is 1 semester and so essentially it is equivalent to 1 Semester of studies only, with a total of 25 Credits that can be transferred. To be honest, that...
  3. tanviraslam

    CACHE LEVEL 3 diploma for IQAS

    I have submitted my wife's CACHE Level 3 Diploma to WES for evaluation, I should get some feedback in a couple more weeks. Currently she is also enrolled in Cache Level 5. I had done research, but there is not much available online for CACHE and Canada. From what I understand, each diploma...