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    Moving for an Expat job during Spousal Sponsorship Process

    Yeah, it would be a fixed term expat job for 3-4 years. I would ultimately be planning on returning to Canada. The main drivers to move are, being together immediately, the experience would be great for my future career path, and the pay is attractive .
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    Moving for an Expat job during Spousal Sponsorship Process

    Hi all, I am a canadian born citizen currently in the process of sponsoring my wife (outland), application was submitted just over a month ago. I have recently been approached about taking an expat job outside of Canada. I am wondering what if any implications this would have on the sponsorship...
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    SEPTEMBER 2019 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Sent Tues Sept 3, arrived and was signed for today.
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    Family Booklet and National ID card

    Hi all, The new checklist states on page 6 that the family booklet and national ID card must be provided if listed in the country specific requirements. If my country has both family booklets and national ID cards, should I provide them anyways? Or since the country specific requirements...
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    Simple Question about Current Marital Status for IM1344

    Hi, Very basic question I would like to confirm. For IM1344 question 8. What is your current marital status? I am married and sponsoring (outland) my wife from abroad. Does that mean I am legally single in Canada or legally married? Thank you