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    ATIP: File is being returned to RQ queue

    Hello everyone, Lets start a new thread for those people who requested ATIP report and got the below comment. This below comment was updated on 1-May-2014 in my ATIP Applicant passed first test however residence concerns where not resolved at time of interview. File is being returned to RQ...
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    Difference between Purple & Pink color test invitation

    Can any body with information let us know the difference between Purple colored test invitation and Pink colored?
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    Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office

    Lets create a thread for Oath Timeline after test at St. Clair Office. Lets see how fast or late we are getting the Oath date after your test.
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    PR Card Renewal - Timeline

    Hello Everyone, I would like to start a new thread PR Card Renewal - Timeline ecas online shows: We received your application for a permanent resident card on February 7, 2013. We started processing your application on February 14, 2013. I applied a regular application form to renew my...