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    PNP Demand List for Teaching profession

    Hi There, Hope everyone is doing fine! Does anyone know if teaching is in demand list for any PNP program? One of my friend is a Civil Engineer, but she does her job as a lecturer. Will she be able to apply for any PNP? She also heard teaching is not in any demand list in any province. Any...
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    What is the minimum income requirements for parents supervisa?

    Hello All, When applying supervisa for parents , what is the minimum income requirements? Can anyone send me any link where I can find the information? So many people are telling me different figures. So I'm totally confused. Thanks in advance.
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    Ready for Visa- Passport submit at VFS London

    Hello, I have received PPR recently and want to submit my passport at VFS London, UK. Anyone recently submitted their pp their? Please let me know how long it take to stamp and return to sender etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Interview at London Visa Office

    hello all, Anyone had any interview at London Visa Office? Please share your experience.
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    POF for UK Banks

    Hello, Is my 6 months bank statement will be enough for POF(I have enough money). Anyone from UK please help. Thanks
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    Received ITA & Wife Pregnant

    Hello all, I have received ITA on 11th April and today come to know that she is pregnant. We haven't done medical yet. So I will inform doc about her pregnancy. My question is, will our file put on hold until baby born or it will go usual basis? Please share your experience.
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    How Long It take to get result for Nova Scotia NP?

    I have applied for Nova Scotia NP. Just wondering how long it normally take to get result? Please share you experience.
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    Has anyone applied in Catagory B? Yesterday it was open for few hours. Please share your experience. Thanks
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    Indian PCC from Indian High Commission in Bangladesh

    Has anyone applied for Indian PCC from Indian High Commission in Bangladesh? Please help me as I couldn't find any applicaation format.
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    Changes for 2017/18

    Is there any link where I can get information about changes for 17/18 financial year? someone mentioned that they going to add 15 points for sibling, etc. please share your experience.
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    Work experience related to Education

    Hi There, I have done my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, but I have my 5 years work experience in Online Marketing / Digital Marketing. Does it have any negative effect if I apply under NOC 1123 which is (Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations)...
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    IELTS on 4th March,17

    Hi, Anyone planning for IELTS on 4th March, lets connect here. ;)
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    Any outlander got above 430 points without an ITA?

    Hi Everyone, Im new here. I'm planning to apply for Express Entry. As I understand, anyone from outside Canada and without canadian work experience, might not get more than 430 points or so. That means, people from outside canada who do not not have canadian work experience can only enter...