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    Insurance for trip to US

    I'm in a bit of a grey area for health insurance and wanted to see if anyone has any advice. I'm a US citizen, but was living in the UK for 11 years when I was granted PR - Arrived in Canada April 17th - Only just registered for provincial coverage (Quebec) so I'm in the waiting period until...
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    Opening bank account before moving

    My husband and I are moving to Canada in April and are trying to set up a bank account before we arrive so that we can easily access our money. We've been moving £ into Canadian $ in a Transferwise Borderless account while the exchange rate is in our favour, as I think it's likely to get worse...
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    COPR expiry date

    Ah, never mind! I just realised that the 4th of May was the date that our medical results were released, so it must be that date!!
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    COPR expiry date

    I've just gotten approved for permanent residence (found out on My CIC and am waiting for my COPR letter to arrive). Quick question about the expiry date: it says in the letter that I must arrive in Canada on or before 04/05/2018 -- just checking that this is day-month-year format?? My medical...
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    "Your action is required" message

    PPR!! :) :) (Received it on the 20th of July)
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    Do UK citizens need to submit passport for COPR?

    I just received my PPR on Friday (hooray!) I'm a US citizen, so I know that I do not need to submit my passport for my COPR letter. My husband however is a British citizen - does he need to send in his passport? I know that UK citizens don't need a visa in their passport to enter Canada, but he...
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    IP2 and police checks

    Apologies if this has been explained elsewhere - I've searched through the forum and have only got more confused. Does anyone know what check is taking place during IP1 versus IP2? Are they checking police certificates during IP1? I ask because I was worried there was an issue with one of my...
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    LONDON Visa Office Applicants....Lets connect here

    Does anyone know the phone number for the London visa office? (Sorry, it might be somewhere in this thread but I don't have time to look through all the messages!!)
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    Uploading documents after submission

    I'm feeling so anxious about the police certificate I submitted that got partially blurred from having compressed the PDF. I resubmitted it two days ago using the IRCC web form and am crossing my fingers but am so worried I'll be rejected. Has anyone submitted a document after submitting...
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    Validity of police certificates

    Oh crap. You're right. It looks though from my application status that they accepted the new scan though (yesterday it had changed to "the additional documents you provided have been uploaded" and now it has gone back to "your documents are being reviewed".). UGH. Fingers crossed... Our...
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    Validity of police certificates

    But it was September 2006 until February 2007. Thus when I submitted my EE application in May 2017, this no longer was part of the last 10 years.
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    "Your action is required" message

    Yesterday I received an email saying that my application had been updated, so I logged in - in the " View my submitted applications or profiles" section it says "your action is required" under details. When I click on "view status and messages" however, there aren't any messages. The only thing...
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    Error Description: Travel history: You have reached the maximum number of records permitted for this

    I think this is fairly common as you're only allowed to include 30 trips. Include your most recent 30, and then include a letter of explanation with the complete list. That's what I was advised to do.
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    Validity of police certificates

    So, I am actually a MASSIVE idiot - in the process of panicking about this, I thought through the dates --- I lived in France Sept 2006 until Feb 2007 (+ a couple of times I was there for a month, so it added up to just over 6 months)... and submitted my application May 2017, therefore I didn't...
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    Validity of police certificates

    Thanks! That put my mind at ease, and then I looked back at my combined PDF (with police certificates from the UK, US and France) and my heart sank... for some reason when I compressed the PDF because it was too big, it completely obscured the header of the French police certificate where it...
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    Validity of police certificates

    I got my UK (where I live now) police certificate on February 1st and submitted my application for permanent residence on May 8th... I'm just having a panic because it didn't occur to me at the time that they might only be valid for 3 months. Can someone confirm for me what the date of a police...
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    Any reason NOT to include extra documents?

    One of the organisations I used to work for closed in 2013 - I was able to get a reference letter from my former boss, but obviously it's not on headed paper. I've also got my contract and tax documents from when I used to work there so I was planning on including those as well. I even also have...
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    Work experience - variable hours

    No, this is foreign work experience.
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    Work experience - variable hours

    I'm applying under Express Entry
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    Work experience - variable hours

    Sorry I should clarify - this isn't the only work experience I'm claiming, I had two other full time jobs for 3.5 years. I just didn't know whether I should enter this job in my work experience as only the six months when I was over 30 hours per week? Or also include the other two contracted...