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    Study visa June 2019 applicants

    Today i got my biometric correspondence letter.
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    New message from CIC

    Did you got the visa ? After getting the biometric correspondence letter in your second time application process.
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    Study visa June 2019 applicants

    Does anyone got tbe Visa, omrase update.
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    Study visa June 2019 applicants

    I hace applied on 6th of June in gebegen category.
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    Chances of getting my Visa approval

    My IELTS scores are L - 7.0 R - 5.5 S 5.5 & W - 6.0. based on my IELTS score i have got offer letter from Conestoga college for September 2019 in mechanical engineering technology - design and analysis. Here in India i have completed my diploma in mechanical engineering after my 10th grade. And...