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    My PR experience (TCS employee)

    Hi all, Thought I will update all of you about my experience. I got my ITA in Dec 2018. Did my medicals in Jan 2019. Uploaded all the requisite documents in Jan 2019. Did Biometrics in March 2019. All of this happened while I was in Europe. In June 2019 I moved to India. Got my passport...
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    Can I land only in Toronto or anywhere else too?

    I have recently received my CoPR (through Express Entry programme) which states that City of Destination: Toronto. I plan to do a soft landing in Canada in the next 1-2 months. Can someone please advise if I have to do my first entry in Canada only at Toronto airport or I can do it at any...
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    Golden Mail? + Change of Location

    Dear all, I got an email today morning IST from "" stating that "We are ready to issue the permanent resident visa that entitles you to enter Canada". I was outside of India when I had applied for PR in Dec-2018 (I got my ITA in...
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    Passport expiry - waiting for PR

    Hi, I am waiting for decision of my PR through EE. The decision should arrive by July 2019. The Indian passport number on which I had applied for PR is canceled and a new passport has been issued (as I got spouse name amended and address changed in the passport). Now I have got a new passport...
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    Stamping after getting PR?

    Hi, I got my ITA last month and am currently in the process of submitting all the required documents. Once I get the COPR (over email?), would I have to go to the Canadian consulate/embassy for getting my passport stamped? If yes, what all documents are generally needed? Can anyone guide...
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    Should spouse give IELTS as dependent?

    If a wife is applying for Canada PR as primary applicant, and husband is her dependent, should the husband also give IELTS? Is it mandatory?
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    Employer's Experience Certificate as Reference Letter?

    Hi I have applied for Express entry and waiting for ITA. Am preparing my documents. I was working with a firm from 2006-2008 in India and that firm had issue to me an experience certificate stating the joining date, relieving date, salary and area of work ("Mainframe"). Can this be used for...
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    Marriage status and Express Entry question

    Hi I am currently un-married and planning to apply for Express Entry. As per CRS calculator on the website, my score comes to around 336. So probably i will have to apply through PNP. I am also planning to get married within next 1 year. So given the above 2 scenarios, if I apply for Express...
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    WES ECA received. Is it correct?

    Hi all I have done B.E. from Gujarat University (AICTE recognized) and PGDM (2 years course in Marketing - full time; AICTE recognized). I have recently received my ECA from WES. Against both the above degrees, the Canadian Equivalency is mentioned as "Bachelor's Degree (four years)". My...
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    B.E. from Gujarat University - need WES guidance

    Hi all, I have got a WES reference and I need to send documents for ECA. I did my B.E. from SVIT, Vasad affiliated to Gujarat University in 2006. Ihave gone through so many threads / forums about WES requirements that it is really confusing as to what documents to send to WES Canada. Some...
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    Studies after Canada PR

    Hi all I am thinking of applying applying for Canada PR and then go for Higher Education and then work in CA. Currently I am employed by an Indian IT firm. My confusion is: 1. If I get the PR, then I will have to go to CA for getting my PR Card. I am thinking of taking a sabbatical from my...