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    Confusion in choosing Masters course

    Chetan, i work as educational advisor, you can reach me out and i'll share some ideas with you.
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    Alternate good career options for Indian Doctor in Canada

    if you with to be in health care, go for nursing program at the college. In one year you will be working in a hospital with $28/h
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    iELTS 6.0 is fine to get into any private college offering Accounting programs. None of colleges is eligible for PR, some private and mostly public colleges can offer you PGWP to be eligible for stay and work in Canada for 3 years. Public colleges have higher requirements for iELTS
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    if you are willing to pursue to PG you need degree. College can be just a step stone that will give you knowledge and skills. After college graduation you can be start working as ECE and move forward towards degree and pg later
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    first of all, try to study harder. I believe it was not a surprise when you get your marks. Some colleges have a pathway to universities (Early Child Education program) and you can be accepted and get PGWP after. Nothing is lost, make a good choises
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    post graduation in construction project management

    Be careful which school you pick for your education, if they don't provide PGWP it means that you have to go back home. Otherwise Construction Project Management its rewarding field to work in
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    low GPA + PR, is it possible to study in famous Canada University?

    Sometimes your diploma in college will work for you a way better. You will meet admission requirements easily and get all the skills to be effective and successful at your work place. Many colleges offer practicum or Co-op where you can also get work experience. That's a great opportunity
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    How can I get student visa

    you can apply to any college you want, but you have to meet admission requirements there before they will issue you the letter of acceptance and you can apply for the visa
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    Masters of engineering with a 2.4 cumulative GPA

    you can try to apply at local colleges, it can be helpful