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    How long is taking to receive or to accept the citizenship application?

    In normal times it would take 2-3 months to receive AOR (so as late as July in your case). Since COVID, they haven't issued any AOR since around March 15th and that was for January applications. There is no way to get update on your application before AOR is issued and it seems now that it's...
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    so many questions...

    TN visas do not allow the spouse of the holder to work. But they are relatively straightforward to get once the occupation of the job offer is on the list. I agree with other replies, you should decide if Canada or USA is where you want to settle and stick with that. Trying to keep one foot in...
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    Moving and maybe renewing PR during pandemic

    Why do you think this would be a problem?
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    PR residency obligation

    How many days are you breach of the residency obligation by? What reason do you plan to tell the border agent for not returning sooner?
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    Should i send copies of my stamped passport pages?

    What does the checklist say?
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    RO not met, Want to enter Canada with spouse and child from US

    If you do get reported, the wise thing to do would be to give up PR and re-apply. None of the time spent in Canada while a departure order is under appeal will count towards RO or citizenship and if the appeal fails you will generally only have 30 days to leave. Obviously nobody can say for...
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    RO not met, Want to enter Canada with spouse and child from US

    It's too late now but the simplest thing to do would have been for you to give up your PR and then apply as part of your spouse's application. Doing simple calculation on the dates shows you were PR in Canada for less than 6 months.
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    PR Card

    Processing time (after AOR) for regular PR card renewals is usually quick (in the order of days) so there shouldn't be a long wait between AOR and getting new card.
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    Sent in PR renewal form but forgot to sign it

    PR card is valid for 5 years.
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    Need Advice: Complicated PR case

    If you have enough points for Express Entry then that is for sure the best way to go. But they haven't issued any ITAs to people living outside Canada since the pandemic started and there's no way to know if/when this may change. But this would enable you to start fresh. If you decide to go to...
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    Need Advice: Complicated PR case

    No it's not illegal. You are still PR until it is revoked or you give it up and as a PR you have a right of entry into Canada if you present yourself at the border. An agent may report you for breaching the RO but they will still have to allow you entry. You won't be allowed board a flight as...
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    Return Application Address Change - URGENT

    Because they have been known to give out false/misleading information in the past and they are not IRCC agents, merely people contracted by IRCC to answer phones. I would like them to move to online tests/oaths but I won't believe it until I see an official announcement from IRCC.
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    PR Card (New/Renewal) Processing Timeline 2020

    Your PR card expiring has no impact on your status as a PR.
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    Return Application Address Change - URGENT

    I would not trust anything the call centre tells you with regards to online test/ceremonies.
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    Can a Canadian PR residing in US work remotely for a Canadian employer?

    What status do you currently have in the US?
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    Return Application Address Change - URGENT

    Re: Fees, my understanding is the fee receipt is still valid for use with your application. As they didn't start processing, they didn't use that fee receipt.
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    PR Card renewal amid COVID-19 scenario

    I think you would be ok to travel back to Canada over land border. They can't deny you entry as a PR. But be aware of the quarantine restrictions that are in place. You may also have an issue getting to the US - not sure where you are right now but US has banned travellers from a number of...
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    PR Card & Tax Filing

    For tax residency, the CRA have a guide here For counting days outside of Canada for RO, they should count if you are with your spouse, even if you...
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    Photocopies of biographical pages of passports or travel documents

    Travel documents is mainly passports. Some European countries issue Identity Cards that can be used in place of passports when travelling within Europe only but I don't think this is common outside of Europe (I could be wrong). Things like visas are not travel documents as they generally require...
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    Photocopies of biographical pages of passports or travel documents

    For your first question - what does the document checklist say? Second question - these are not considered travel documents.