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    skilled worker visa vs bankruptcy in UK

    you may want to read this:
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    about NOC 0213 - how many staff you should be managing at a minimum

    that was my point, Leon :-) I imagine the dialogue at the interview: - So, tell us about your experience with database management. - In my previous job, as Senior Information Gremlin, I was in charge of a team of 5 Junior Computer Ogres and an Assistant Information Gremlin. Together, we took...
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    Employment requirements? Rupeshhari, PMM, Leon, Mahharrouf pls guide

    nimmiboy, In principle CIC does not consider the "employment requirements" section of the NOC description, so this should not be a problem. However, you should be aware that you will not be allowed to work as an accountant until you fulfill those requirements.
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    Check this reference letter. (please answer Seniors)

    moee, I'm not an expert, but it looks good enough to me. On item 3 there appears to be a word missing in the end of the sentence. Make sure: 1) It's printed in company letterhead 2) Attach a business card of the person signing the letter 3) Include the number of hours worked per week - if...
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    full time study part time job

    I have absolutely no idea how it works for people who were homeschoolled, that's actually a good question.
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    about NOC 0213 - how many staff you should be managing at a minimum

    "Jeff Taylor founded The Monster Board and served as CEO and "Chief Monster" for many years." source:
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    IELTS score needed for pharmacists..

    there's not a minimum. he needs to score enough to make 67 points. in the CIC website you can find the conversion table, that is, how many points you get for each IELTS score band.
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    A sticky ending for the tar sands ?

    It's bad. Oil prices are down (companies make less money per barrel), demand is also down (companies are selling less barrels). Extracting oil from tar sands is difficult, environmentally problematic, and quite expensive. Unless the price of oil nearly doubles, it's not very profitable. And...
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    IELTS score needed for pharmacists..

    you're confusing things. 1) your IELTS score band is not related to your profession; 2) If you or your friend applied in 2007, the list of 38 professions does not apply to you; In other words, all you have to know is whether you had enough points (and you probably had, since you applied...)...
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    Need help on canadian-immigration-application-process-revised

    all the info you need. good luck!
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    points for expariance

    use the self-evaluation tool available at the CIC website.
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    immigartion points for master's with 16 years of study

    From the Skilled Worker Manual: "If an applicant has a master’s degree, but only 16 years of education, an officer would go down to the category for which the applicant meets the total number of years and, using this example, award 22 points;" Source...
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    UBC's acceptance rate

    no, it surely doesn't guarantee a seat. you meet all requirements, that's a great... starting point! what I suggest you do is: call the department, make an appointment to see the head, or a senior professor. go there, introduce yourself, briefly mention your experience, and your educational...
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    what do you mean by continous one yar experience

    from the Skiller Worker manual: "To be eligible for points, the applicant’s work experience must: ... A) One-year continuous full-time experience: this means one year in one skilled occupation to demonstrate an ability to establish oneself economically; or (B) The equivalent in continuous...
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    Is secretary included in the new list...?

    that makes a lot more sense, UAE! and congrats!
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    will i get job right away in canada?

    If you like working outdoors, aren't afraid of bad weather, and can work long, long hours, I recommend you look at the work of electricity linemen. I wrote a report about their work, which is quite fascinating. and, from what I gather, pays quite well.
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    Financial Management courses

    search for "canadian virtual university" on google. some universities validate past education towards a new degree (eg., if you have a mathematics degree and you want an economics one, then you can probably skip some of the economics maths courses); most courses accept foreign students - but...
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    Becoming a Lawyer in Canada

    I think that's not what he was looking for. He doesn't have a degree in law, from what I understood. Each university has its own admission requirements. But in general, they are along the following lines: - You must have an undergraduate degree (you already do, great!); - you must score well...
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    honours baccalaureate degree?

    an honours degree is usually a 4 year degree. I assume "1st division" means "top of class", so you're probably an A student in Canada. So yes, in principle you qualify. But it's the university that makes the final decision. The MBA degree...
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    University Change - Visa Procedure

    the only related info I could find about this was here: but that doesn't quite apply since you aren't in Canada yet. I suggest you contact the consulate/visa office and ask them how to proceed. Alternatively, you can contact...