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    What documents are needed for bringing cash into Canada?

    I am planning to bring 10,000 CAD in cash into Canada. This cash is already converted into Canadian dollars. What documents do I need to show as proof of the source of this cash, at the border? What documents do I need to show to a Canadian bank when I want to deposit this cash into my Canadian...
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    Documents to bring when arriving in Canada?

    I will be arriving in Canada in a few weeks as an international student. I have my visa inside my passport and the Letter of Introduction given to me by IRCC. I am planning to bring: - Passport (Visa stamped inside of it) - Letter of Introduction - Offer letter from university - GIC certificate...
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    Is GIC and first year tuition enough for SDS?

    I am applying under SDS online application and for financial proof, I have submitted GIC 10,000 and first year tuition fees paid in full. This is the financial requirement for SDS and people choose SDS because of these simpler financial requirements. But recently, I have seen people saying...
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    Medical passed, but Eligibility Review has not started

    I am applying through SDS online application. 29th June - Submitted application 30th June - Biometrics request 3rd July - Provided biometrics and biometrics updated 12th July - Medical passed So it has been 2 working days after "Medical passed" and it still says "Your application is in...
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    Anyone applying through SDS got rejection based on proof of finance?

    Anyone applying through SDS and provided GIC and receipt of first year tuition fees paid and still got rejected based on insufficient finance?
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    Any high school graduate pursuing a Bachelor Degree at a University got rejected?

    I am a high school graduate applying to pursue a Bachelor's Degree at a Canadian University. I have submitted all required documents. I didn't submit SOP because it was not in the required documents list. Anyone with a similar background being rejected before and what are your reasons of rejection?
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    Chance of Study Permit approval?

    I am a student from Vietnam, applying through Student Direct Stream online. I have just completed high school and I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in CS at a Canadian university. I have submitted all the required documents, including Letter of Acceptance, Medical certificate, etc. For proof of...
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    Proof of home ties? SDS application

    I am applying through SDS and I have seen a lot of people being rejected because the VO said that: "We are not convinced that you will return to your home country". I am really worried now. I didn't explicitly state anything about home ties in my application. Will I be ok? My background: I am a...
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    High school graduate, pursuing Bachelor's Degree in university. Chance of Visa Rejection?

    I am a high school graduate, accepted to a Bachelor's Degree in a Canadian university. I have uploaded all required documents and satisfied all requirements listed. Is there any chance I could be rejected? Do anyone know someone who is in my position that got rejected before, and why? I...
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    Is SOP required for SDS student?

    I am applying through SDS online application and I did not write a SOP when submitting my application. I am accepted to a university and I have met all of the requirements for SDS students. Despite this, would I still be rejected just for not having a SOP submitted? This SOP letter was not...
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    How does the Digital Signature work?

    I am applying for the Study Permit online through Student Direct Stream. My application is an Online Application. It says that I don't need to sign the application form and the family form, because there will be a digital signature. So when will I be creating this digital signature? I have...
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    Tuition fees in form different from the actual tuition fees

    When I was filling out the application form, I estimated an approximate amount for my tuition fees because my acceptance letter also only gave me an estimated amount. I put this estimated amount in the application form for the tuition fees question. Then, when the school finally gave me the...
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    How long for Medical Exam to be processed?

    I am applying under Student Direct Stream and recently got an upfront medical exam. After all the tests, the panel physician told me that I could go home now. They did not mention any problem or health issues. So am I healthy? When I can check my medical results? Please help me.
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    How long to process upfront medical exam?

    I am applying through Student Direct Stream and is getting my upfront medical exam tommorow. How long until they would give me the paper to upload to my application?
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    Cost of tuition and Funds available for stay - Student Direct Stream

    I am working on my online Study Permit application through Student Direct Stream. In the application form, for cost of tuition, do I list the cost for 1 year, or for the entire 4 years of university? In my university's acceptance letter, they only list expected tuition for 1 year. Secondly, I...
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    Do you need to provide date and photographer's address at the back of digital photo?

    I am working on my Online Study Permit application. For the Digital Photo requirement, do I need to have the date and photographer's address at the back of one photo? I did not see this requirement anywhere for study permit applications but just wanted to be sure. Can anyone help me?
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    Two letters of acceptance from university, which one to upload?

    My university sent me an offer letter with congratulations, information about the school and my scholarship amount. They also sent me a Visa letter. This letter is formatted as a table with the school's detailed information, estimated tuition amount, expected start date and end date, etc. So...
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    Duration expected of study?

    On my Letter of Acceptance, it says 4 - 5 years minimum. So what do I write in "To" section. I dont know the exact date, month or even if it is 4 or 5 years. Can someone help me?
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    Can I sign my application if I am nearly 18?

    I am 17 right now and is turning 18 in 2 months. Can I sign my own application? Or do I have to ask my parent to sign it?
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    How to write name in Study Permit form?

    In my passport, my name is formatted as follow: Family name + Given names. However, in all of my English documents, my name is formatted as: Given names + Family name. In the Family Information form, there is just one field to enter my full name, so which format of my name should I input? Also...