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    common law partner

    My girlfriend got her MPNP but during her application it was not 1year of us living together. Now on federal process we want to do common law partner thing. Is is possible to do now? What are the things we both need to show? I have been working full time, as i am out of province graduate, will...
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    Skilled Worker in Manitoba MPNP 2018

    Hello, Moved from ontario, currently working as a full time position not related to my field of study. planning to apply June 2018 as it will be my 1year for eligibilty. so new rule will affect or what should I do? looking forward to hear responses Thanks
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    MPNP risk factor

    since I moved from ontario after graduation, for mpnp - 100points for work experience from another province, does that include part time work done while I was student?
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    full time hours for being eligible is 1560hrs.

    I am in a full time position. since it says weekly 30hrs for full time, but some of my week has 26-28hrs else it's 30-35hrs always. It will be 1560hrs in a year. does that affect my MPNP??