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    Sponsoring family?

    Hi My wife landed in Canada as pr 4 months ago and would like to sponsor her family from India. 2 parents and 2 siblings What are our options? Income wise we do not meet the 3 year requirement. Her mother has BA and currently owns her own business for clothing. One of her siblings turns...
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    URGENT: PRTD Required?

    Hi my wife recently got her COPR (via family sponsorship, spouse) Does she need a PRTD to enter canada?
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    Question about luggage and entering canada for first time

    Hi guys I bought my wife (who is coming from India) a ticket that has 1 bag checked free, however, we want to check two additional bags. From my discussion with Air Canada, the two additional bags can be checked in ~24hrs prior, BUT it is not guaranteed... so I have a few questions 1) What is...
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    [India] COPR time after submission at Jalandhar/Chandigarh VFS

    Anyone can share their experience or timeline with how long it takes after submitting at this VFS? I know it can take weeks or months, but if someone has recently gone through process can you please share # of days it took :)
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    Booking Tickets, before/after COPR

    Hi All, is it possible/advised to book tickets once we submit passport, before the COPR or should we book after? If before, we are booking 3 weeks from date of submission
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    Additional information request to special email, how long for update?

    I was requested: Biometrics payment, and marriage photos I was given a special email to send these to, and I sent them July 22. Just wondering, if anyone has experience, how long can I expect for an update. They specifically said "for fastest service submit documents to this email".
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    Additional Pics request, writing names of people?

    I got an additional document request for more pictures in there it states to list names of people but I don't know everyones name there. I am wondering if anyone has dealt with this and if putting family/friends/relatives there is fine?
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    Spouse TRV refused..

    Grounds for refusal: · I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit. The purpose of the visit was a birthday. We had no issues with funds or anything else...
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    Does UCI change after initial application is returned?

    Hi guys I sponsor my wife back in January and our application was returned, however, they provided us with a UCI. I've re-submitted (waiting for AOR), but just wondering if this UCI changes or if this will be my wifes UCI forever?
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    Unemployment and affect on PR

    I am sponsoring my wife at time of application, i was employed with a full time job however due to some recent events, i want to leave this job and take a few months off (up to 6) I have enough balance in my bank to support myself and my wife when she comes (about 1.5year worth). My...
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    Keeping my job and affect on PR

    To put it in simple form... I have applied for my wife's Visitor visa, we will apply again if rejected.. but if it is rejected a 2nd time, I am planning to leave my job and visit her until her PR is granted. Luckily, this decision does not effect me financially and getting a job after I come...
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    Visitor visa - booking a flight

    Hi, I am applying visitor visa for my wife and since spouse visitor visa can be somewhat based on luck (from what i have read here), how should i go about booking a flight? is it ok to book a flight that u can cancel within 24hours of when u pay? or is it possible to book a flight lets say in...
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    Translating Whatsapp conversation

    Hi, In my file which i submitted last week, i include 10 pages of whatsapp conversations The issue is, although we had used the english alphabet, we were speaking in punjabi (i.e. writing punjabi words using english alphabet)..... Is this going to be an issue? Can i send an "update" to my...