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    Ielts instructor foreign experience is valid for express entry or not

    hello frnds!! my bro backhome owned IELTS institute. My sis in law worked as a ielts instructor for 2 year in my bro institute. Now she is in canada on study permit. They both were thinking to apply for express entry under FSW. So we are not sure if ielts instructor experience is valid for...
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    lets gather here who are waiting for PR after remedical request

    hi frnds!!! I am may 2108 AOR CEC. I just got remedical request this august. Doctor uploaded it to cic on 26 august. Eligibility, security and criminality all passed. Waiting for update on my medical and then PPR. Please share your timelines as well. Lets see when we are going to hear most...
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    Spouse open work permit refused outland

    hello frnds!! i need some advice.. my sis in law is in canada on study permit and she had recently applied for my brother spouse open work permit from a lawyer in canada. yesterday he got refusal and now lawyer wants us to submit his file again ASAP. do you think we need to wait for some months...
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    letter of explanation

    hello frnds!! I am going to upload my AOR and my job letter in a tab of optional documents for brigding question is that do i need to write a letter to explain which document i am downloading in optional tab. I am not finding anything to write. Its only 2 documents and i dnt hv much to...
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    help needed!! BRIDGING work permit!!

    hello..i am applying for my and my husband bridging work permit. I am primary applicant. I got a document checklist online. My question is that I did not get an option of uploading an AOR document. AOR is very necessary to upload as you know. So anybody here konws that how to upload AOR in...
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    urgent help!!

    hello frnds!! I need some advice from all of you. My PR application is in progress from last 8 months. I am stuck at eligibility review required. I was thinking to meet MP of area to help me to get an update on my file. My file is eating dust and no one touched it since june 2018. practically, i...
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    bridging work permit help!!

    hello frnds! I need some help to apply bridging work permit. My PR is in process. Actually i know most of the things. I need to upload AOR and other documents. My husband WP is also expiring on same day as mine. He is dependant and i am primary applicant. So i am gonna apply my and my husband...
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    hello guys!! My eligibility review required. I am may CEC applicant. I only passed medical so far. I know i am not alone. There are so many other applicants with same situation. So please join here. We can help each other.
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    Actually my WP is going to expire in march 2019. I am waiting for my PR. Its been 8 months since my AOR. I only passed medical. My eligibility is still under review. I read somewhere if your eligibility is nt passed, u cnt apply for BOWP. I thought i just need AOR to apply BOWP. Plz advice me so...
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    eligibility review required

    hello guys! my eligibility needs an extra review. I just received my notes. I almost crossed 6 months. I am getting so worried. Does anybody know what are the chances of passing eligibility when an another officer is going to review my eligibility?