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    POE Letter Question

    I applied from US and my study visa and my wife's TRV are approved and stamped. I have received a "correspondence letter" (IMM5813_1) after visa approval that I think is the POE letter. However my wife has not received any such letter in the CIC online account. Is that going to be a problem?
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    Landing on Student Visa

    I will be travelling to Canada for study soon for Sep 2019 intake. My study permit is approved. Is it mandatory to pay the tuition fee before I move to Canada ? Can I instead show my fund availability and tell immigration officer that I plan to pay once I have opened a Canadian bank account?
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    Resigning from My Company Soon

    Good Morning All, I am about to quit my current job as an IT service manager in 2 weeks and moving to Canada for studies. Currently I manage a team of 14 developers and prod support personnel. What documents should I ask from the HR to help me if I apply for a PR in about a year from today?
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    Study permit from USA - Gather Here

    Please post your experience here if you applied from USA and recently got the study visa or are currently waiting.
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    USA born child's visa ?

    Hello, I have applied for a student visa for me and visitor visa for my wife, we are both citizens of India. My 1.5 year old daughter was born in USA and when I tried to add my daughter to my student visa application, it said online that a visa is not needed for her. My daughter holds a USA...
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    Biometrics Not needed

    I am a citizen of India and have been in USA since last 6 years. Yesterday after I submitted my study visa, it says I do not need bio-metrics to be done. I have never done bio-metrics before for Canada so not sure why I am excluded from it. Has anyone experienced this before? What should I do?
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    Too late for September entry ?

    Hi All, I just received an offer from Univ of Guelph for admission to masters program for Fall 2019. The classes will begin on 5 Sept and I am currently based in USA. Is it impossible to get a study permit in time for me?
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    Slightly less GPA

    Hi, I have 71% score in my last 2 years of Btech IT from India that is I believe slightly less than 3.0 GPA required by most universities in Canada. I have 12 years IT experience after that. Will universities be willing offer me an admission with my score and work experience in a computer...
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    Simple Question

    Hi, I just wanted to know if colleges generally ask for a WES evaluation for admission to Graduate Certificate programs?
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    IELTS Academic is enough ?

    Hi Guys, I hope you all are having a good day. My wife will apply for a graduate certificate course in Canada soon. As most institutions accept either TOEFL or IELTS Academic, would it be a good idea for her to take the IELTS Academic and use the same score in her study permit application too?